7 Harmless Photos that Were Censored for Showing the ‘Raw Reality’

These are a collection of historical photos that caused a stir and were even banned at some point, to show the harshness of reality.

1. This was the queue of men to get a job in 1930. when the united states entered the “great depression”, people begged for a job of “whatever”.

7 Harmless Photos that Were Censored for Showing the 'Raw Reality'

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2. This was the tail of one of the restaurants of mobster Al Capone, who offered free breakfasts to the unemployed, to help their community and win supporters.

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3. This was the face of happiness that the staff of the Auschwitz concentration and torture camp had when they finally gave him vacations.

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4. This black spot on the floor was all that was left of a man from Hiroshima, who expected a local bank to open its doors.

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5. After the second world war, shop windows began to display prosthetic limbs, for all the soldiers who had lost something in the war.

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6. That’s how a miner’s house looked in Kentucky in 1946. the family was so poor that the rent for their house was $ 6 per month.

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7. The expression of a German girl knowing her father for the first time. he had left her when he was 1 year old, when world war ii began.

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