ICSE Board Exam: ‘ISC Psychology paper easy’ say students of Lucknow

ICSE Board Exam: ‘ISC Psychology paper easy’ say students of Lucknow

Students of ISC psychology paper at City Montessori School, Aliganj campus 1, Lucknow on Friday (HT)

The Indian school (ISC) of class 12 Psychology Examination was scoring as told by the students here in Lucknow on Friday after the examination got over.

For City Montessori School, Aliganj campus 1, Lucknow this was the first batch of this school appearing for psychology. Many of the students of this school said they were able to complete it on time.

Students said it was a standard question paper and most of the questions were set within the scope of the syllabus prescribed.Smiling faces after writing the board exam was enough to tell that they were satisfied with their performance.

A student Sanjana said,”The paper was easy and all the questions were from the syllabus”. Another student Mehwish said, ”Part 1 of the paper needed deep study of the subject while the Part 2 was very easy ,overall it was a standard paper and went well”.

According to Swapnil Srivastava, the Psychology teacher of the school said most of the topics were covered in their Pre board exam, so they were very well prepared. It is expected that an average student also will be able to score good marks .

Principal Jyoti Kashyap said the students look satisfied as they came out of the examination hall. She reported that she was happy to see the overall positive response of the students because it would be a motivating factor for them to upgrade their overall percentage.

Students of CMS Gomti Nagar branch said paper was Very lengthy although subparts of question 1 were a bit tricky. By large paper was easy and predictable, said Kshitz Shandilya, a student. “Paper was bit lengthy but all the questions were taught were properly so we were able to write to the full length,” said Jaya Tripathi. Another student, Khushi Vats said paper was relatively easy.

Students from City Montessori School, Kanpur road branch, Anveeksha and Jaitavie, the duo from Arts section said,” The paper was little lengthy and we managed to finish on time. Combination of topics in part 2 were unexpected as per the trends from previous years”

Akansha Dixit, another student said, “The paper was good and I felt satisfied writing my paper.”

Another student Raghav Chandra said, “The paper was very marks gaining and I’m sure to come up with flying colors” Rishabh and Himanshu said, “I’m sure to gain good marks we did thorough preparation.”

Vibhuti and Utkarsh Shukla seems contented and approached the subject teacher enthusiastically discussing the answers. Mudita Kumar, the subject expert expressed her opinion that the paper effectively covered all the aspects of the syllabus and could be categorised as one which tested well the future potentialities of students in the subject also. The psychology paper this year is sure to promote a lot of interest among students for the subject.


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