Indore: PINK express, Women man Rajendra Nagar railway station

Indore: PINK express, Women man Rajendra Nagar railway station

Indore: In a unique initiative, railway station at Rajendra Nagar was manned by women staff on International Women Day on Friday. The all-women staff worked in full shift from 8 am to 2 pm.

The sub-urban railway station receives large number of passengers and therefore reservation office and booking office remain crowded throughout the day. Station superintendent Nitisha Verma managed the operation and movement of trains.

Neha Banjara, a platform porter who looks after shunting of trains and other technical work, was also on the job. Gloria and Shalini Gouda worked at reservation office. Sangeeta Upadhyay served at booking counter with great zeal.

Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) Alka Mishra traced ticketless passengers. Railway Police Force constable Monika Singh was deployed at booking counter.

Similarly, GRP constable Kiranbala Rathore kept watch at platform. Class IV employee Pinky Sonwal discharged duty at office of station superintendent. Junior engineer Priyanka Pandey was also on duty at the sub-urban railway station.


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