Investigation team submits Nimrah’s case report to AIG

Police hints at the possib­ility of Nimrah being killed by shots fired by police at robber­s

Postmortem report reveals that 21-year-old medical student was shot by a distance. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA

KARACHI: The investigation report of Nimrah’s murder, who was killed during a police encounter near Anda Mor, North Karachi, has been submitted to the the Additional Inspector-General of Police (AIGP).

District West Deputy Inspector-General (DIG) Dr Ameen Yousuf Zai, speaking to media, said that the investigation team has finalised the report on the incident but it will take another day or two to be issued from the AIG office.

According to a police source, the police hints at the possibility of Nimra being killed by the shots fired by the police at the robbers.

He also said that departmental action against the police officers involved in the firing has been taken and they have been suspended, and further action will also be taken in light of the findings of the report.

Who killed Nimrah – police or robbers?

DIG also talked about the place where the robbers opened fire at police and the extent to which police chased the suspects. The police officers didn’t open fire at the suspects until they believed they were at a place which was less crowded.

DIG informed that the arrested robber was interrogated and he confessed to have snatched two phones before the police intercepted them and asked them to stop.

The robbers opened fire at the police. One of the robbers received three bullets while the other received four. They also said that despite falling off the motorcycle, they continued firing at the police officers but the officers refused to give up and caught them.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 5th, 2019.


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