National Dress Day – March 6

Put on your heels and your favourite dress as today is March 6 “National Dress Day.” Today, we celebrate as a holiday by recalling our dearest memories by “what we were wearing.”

National Dress Day – March 6

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Dresses are the best and more comfortable thing to wear. They come in a variety of shapes and designs for example long, mini, fit and many more. They have been worn for hundreds of years by men, women and children. Throughout the years, dress design and shapes have changed drastically, but still they provide a distinctive look.

On some special occasions, we seek out the perfect dress made for that occasion for example competing in a pageant, first red carpet event, first job interview, first date and the list goes on. On some important days, these dresses hold some powerful emotions for women like on their “Wedding day.”

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There are so many different kinds of dresses one for every occasion like dresses for sleeping, sport dresses, dance dresses, dresses for work, drill dresses and the list goes on. Some of world’s best museums have had dresses to highlight their beauty and craftsmanship.

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Celebrate this “National Dress Day” by wearing one of your favourite dresses and share your photos with your friends and family members on social media.

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Everyone Happy National Dress Day.


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