. March 29, 2019 – Articels

10 Hilarious Travel Mishaps That Made The News

Lots of planning and research goes into arranging the perfect holiday. Itineraries are mapped, flights and accommodations are booked, and we wait patiently to arrive at our dream destination. Finally, the big day arrives and we excitedly head off …


10 Bizarre Forgotten Creations Of Famous Inventors

Many inventors enjoy a career that spans multiple decades yet are primarily remembered only for their most successful creation. Today, we look at some of their minor creations that were mainly forgotten by history despite their usefulness, innovation, or strangeness. …


Top 10 Unfortunate Or Embarrassing Deaths

History is littered with heroic and great deaths – most of which we are all familiar with. But in the dark recesses of the past, there are a number of very embarrassing or unfortunate deaths. Deaths that their victim would …


10 Unusual Ways to Die Through the Ages

There is one certainty in life, and that is that it must end. Every living thing will eventually die; some just pass in stranger and sometimes funnier ways than others. This list is written in chronological order, moving up through …


10 Weird Court Cases Involving Puppets, Animals, And Human Fetuses

Nonliving objects and animals are not always safe from litigation. Over the years, people have sued animals and even inanimate objects like puppets. In turn, people have been sued by animals and nonhuman objects.

Obviously, lawsuits of this nature aren’t …


10 Fascinating Finds And Stories Involving Old Ships

The ocean likes to cull ships. Over the centuries, storms and reefs have amassed a great collection at the bottom of the sea. Wars added plenty more wrecks. When water conditions are right, skeleton crews and cargoes remain preserved for …


10 Astounding Facts About Extremely Low Temperatures

Over the past 150 years, scientists have developed a number of methods for reaching extremely low temperatures. Fluids like liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, both of which have significantly low boiling points, have been put to use across numerous …


10 Progressive Laws That Backfired Badly

Laws are passed to protect the environment or members of society. Curiously, these same supposedly progressive laws have sometimes backfired, hurting the very things or people they were supposed to protect.

This is obviously because every law has consequences. And …


10 Inescapable Prisons People Somehow Escaped From

Prisons are all about keeping people inside, but every now and again, folks find their way out. It happens more often than you might think, but nevertheless, there are some institutions touted as being inescapable, such that there is no …


10 Surprising Facts About Japan’s Railway System

Japan has one of the busiest and most efficient rail systems in the world. This might be surprising, given that high passenger volume and efficiency don’t always go hand in hand. That efficiency is achieved in some ways you might …