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10 Compelling Reasons to Know the Minoans

Originating on the remote island of Crete, and surrounded by other ancient empires in the Mediterranean, it’s easy to see why the Minoan Civilization is overlooked. Its influence, however, would leave behind a far-reaching and enduring legacy that included the …


Top 10 Writing Mistakes No One Should Make

Everyone should have basic writing skills. However, many People trip up on the same, common grammatical errors. This reference will help you to avoid the same on your next writing assignment.

1. Missing Comma Splices

Commas trip up many a …


10 Remarkable Archaeological Discoveries from England

England is a country within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that is not only of modern linguistic, cultural, political, and legal influence and relevance worldwide, but also the site of fascinating anthropological occurrences of historical intrigue. …


10 Historic Myths and Misconceptions (That Won’t Go Away)

Even though history is, in theory, a fixed and unchangeable field of study, in practice it evolves all the time. Things and events that we were sure to have happened can be turned on their head by a single archaeological …


10 Cases of International Conflict Caused by Petty Revenge

Human nature is defined by both both heartwarming, friendly daily interactions and deeply disturbing incidents where senseless conflicts occur. We all know how ridiculous many “public freakout” videos online can be, where monumental reactions follow very minor slights. But what …


10 Horrifying Cults That Committed Mass Suicide

Cult leaders are so charismatic, they have the ability to brainwash people into doing almost anything. They give up their jobs, family ties, and money all to belong to an organization that promises eternal salvation. But a cult goes to …


10 Foods That (Basically) Never Expire

Before you go through your kitchen pantry and throw away food based on the expiration date, you should know that for certain foods, that is merely a suggestion. Some edible items never expire… or, at least, they can last for …


10 Detectives More Interesting Than Sherlock Holmes

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. While storybook detectives like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Sam Spade are well-known to the public, few of their real-life counterparts enjoy such fame. That’s a shame since there are plenty of …


10 Forgotten Women in American History

American history is full of women who have been long forgotten. Some of these women changed the course of history, some did things that others thought women couldn’t or shouldn’t do, and there were women who simply decided that it …


10 Interesting Facts About the Milky Way Galaxy

When we think of where we are in the entire universe, our planet is just one a small speck. Even our solar system is one of many in the Milky Way Galaxy, and our own galaxy is one of billions …