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10 Fascinating Examples of the Mandela Effect

Have you ever had a memory that turns out to be wrong, only to meet someone else who has the exact same false memory? How can that be possible? Did someone change reality when you were not looking, or did …


10 More Leaked or Declassified Government Secrets

We were going to put together a list of “things the government could be hiding from you,” as a kind of sober take on some of the more plausible conspiracy theories. But, having already done a list of things


10 Historical Figures We’ve Pretty Much Forgotten

When learning about history you often assume you are learning about the most important peoplein any given situation. But often, you learn either of those who took the credit, or even more commonly, those that history happened to credit …


Top Ten Fascinating Facts about the Anglo-Saxons

Settlement in England

Image result for Anglo-Saxons were Germanic invaders

The Anglo-Saxons were Germanic invaders who came from what is now the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. They were from the tribes known today as the Angles, Saxons, Frisians and Jutes and set up their own kingdoms in …


Top 10 Travel Highlights While Visiting Venice

Venice is a city unlike any other on earth, and if you’re only there for a couple of days it can tricky to know where to head to first! Following a recent trip, photographer Mark Lord has listed his top …


10 Memorable Moments from Blair House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is one of the most famous addresses in the world, as it designates the location of the White House. Less well-known is 1651 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is the site of Blair House, the place where foreign …


10 Notorious Australian Outlaws

The Wild West of the United States sets the stage for famous gunslinger films, but Australia is a land where convicts were exiled, creating the opportunity for new lives of crime to get established. Today, we profile the most notorious …


10 Daring Heists (That Actually Worked)

Like all workers, bank robbers are adapting to a changing culture. According to Albert Samaha’s 2014 article for The Village Voice, “How Bank Robbery Trends have Shifted in America over the Years,” only one-third of the bank robbers who …


10 Notoriously Bad Decisions by Political Leaders

Throughout history there have been a lot of amazing leaders. Some of them led from the front, even charging into battle, and others simply made incredible decisions that saved countless lives and led to a prosperous kingdom. Some did …


10 Hardcore Facts & Legends Concealed in Ninja History

Ninjas became a pop culture staple by the late 20th century. Like the Shaolin monks, they were practically able to defy physics with how well-trained and deadly they were. For decades, movies portrayed them as superhuman killers while insisting …