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10 Horrifying Declassified Secrets

Speculation as to what the government might be hiding from us is an easy way to bring a conversation to an end. But very often the truth is stranger than fiction.

Here are ten declassified secrets—things our governments actually did


10 Ridiculous Abilities People Mistakenly Claim They Have

Maybe it’s because people watch too many superhero movies, or just want to spice up their lives, but some like to imagine they have all kinds of powers. Powers that others–or at least most–simply lack. Whether it’s a 9 …


10 Cases from Project Blue Book: the CIA’s Secret Hunt for UFOs

In 1947, World War II was over but tension between the United States and the USSR was still high. UFO sightings were abnormally high that year, because people were on high alert when looking at the sky. The CIA believed …


10 Hotly Debated Theories About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is history’s most reviled, and perhaps even its most influential, figure. He was, more than anyone else, the architect of the Second World War, a conflict that changed the world forever.

He has been the subject of …


Top 10 Movies that Mess with Your Mind

Sometimes, it’s satisfying to take a break from formulaic movies. Don’t misunderstand, no film fan worth your time is above the pleasures of a kinetic action scene or a shameless romance. The appeal still remains for the novelty of a …


10 Useful Web Services

As you’re probably aware there are lots of web-based services nowadays, and you may even have tried using some in the past. While each service undoubtedly can be useful in certain situations, there are some that are far more useful …


10 Epic Stories of Legendary Norse Gods

The Vikings are remembered for being some of the most powerful warriors in history who sailed the open sea to conquer new lands. They believed in gods and goddesses, all of which deeply influenced their lifestyle. For the Vikings, …


10 Times Santa Ended Up on the Naughty List

In the conventional Christmas tale, Santa is the one who keeps track of good and bad behavior, so he can dish out presents or lumps of coal to recipients when he makes his annual rounds. However, sometimes Santa (or at …


10 Gruesome Execution Methods in the Gladiatorial Arenas

The executions that took place inside the arenas of Ancient Rome were never quick and easy. They were, instead, a public display of cruelty and savage creativity. Brutal executions were meant to keep the public in line and to show …


10 Unusual Christmas Traditions From Around the World

In the United States, Christmas is celebrated in ways that are, at least to Americans, fairly banal by now. America and a lot of Western countries with extremely similar traditions (many of which are provide the origin of US traditions) …