. April 13, 2019 – Articels

Honda’s China sales likely to catch U.S. sales in two-three years: CEO

WUHAN, China (Reuters) – Honda’s sales in China are likely to catch up with its sales in the United States within two to three years and the firm would like them to eventually overtake U.S. sales, the company’s chief executive …


PAX East 2019 – Day One Preview – ‘Streets of Rage 4,’ ‘Dead Cells,’ and ‘Katana Zero’

The First day of PAX East is always incredibly exciting.  There is an incredible rush walking onto the showfloor to see new games, meet the developers and be enveloped in the sounds and sights of a major videogame conference.

I …


The PAX East Experience

I think it’s important to talk about what it’s like to simply experience a conference like the Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX as it’s usually called. The event is so much more than games, panels and large crowds. It truly …


101 good old games revisited

Hyderabad-based Sangeeta, educationist turned fashion designer, ISB alumni and Archana, an interior designer, and home decor expert are on a mission to revive long forgotten, almost extinct ‘Good Old Indian Games’.

“The childhood games on their target for revival are …


War games for peace find new popularity with politicians, generals and NGOs

In May, 1942, ahead of the pivotal Battle of Midway, Japanese naval officers gathered to consider the aircraft carrier clash to come. They sat around a table, playing a war game  –  using cardboard tokens and laminated maps to simulate …


PAX East 2019 – Day One Preview – ‘Falcon Age, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain and Chernobylite’

After a full first day of PAX East I was tired but exhilarated, the expo hall is so huge I had barely scratched the surface on the first day.  I had a number of scheduled appointments but also some some …


Rule The Seven Kingdoms: Best Game Of Thrones Apps & Games

The final season of Game of Thrones is upon us, the first episode will air on April 14. The Game of Thrones series has managed to become a worldwide phenomenon over the years, and if you’re looking to get into …


Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update puts new wind in the game’s sails

Sea of Thieves has proven to be polarizing.

Critics and fans alike were divided when the game launched last year. Sea of Thieves has little structured narrative, save for that you make yourself. There’s no vertical power progression grind to …


Charting Sea of Thieves’ future with the game’s creators

Sea of Thieves is an interesting game. Part sandbox, part multiplayer free-for-all, it aims to be an unforgettable pirate adventure that revolves around player-crafted stories.

With no levels to grind and no powers to upgrade, Sea of Thieves’ unique focus …


With three months of Xbox Game Pass for $1, you might never look at gaming the same way again

Let’s Play

Xbox Game Pass Three-Month Membership

$1 scores you three months of Xbox Game Pass that unlocks unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One console. What’s even cooler is that you …