10 reel life lessons we can apply in the workplace

The movies may be our escape from our daily lives but there’s no denying that they often pack in some really great work life lessons. Apart from Gordon Gecko’s classic “greed is good” statement in 1987’s Wall Street, there are plenty of other gems to glean inspiration from.

Take a look:

1. On finding a solution no matter what

find solution

2. On the necessity to be your own person

Kung fu panda
find solution

3. On why we need to look at problems differently

4. On team play and why it’s crucial to success

harry potter

5. On taking advantage of your specific skill set

skill set

6. On thinking out of the box

get up

7. On getting up when things get you down

8. On the power of charting your own way

find your own way
dream big
what defines you

9. On dreaming really big

10. On the importance of being the best you can be

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