5 quotes that prove Sushant Singh Rajput believes if you #LoveWhatYouDo, you’ll never fear failure

After acing the entrance exam and earning a scholarship, Sushant Singh Rajput was on the fast track to becoming an engineer. But the heart wants what it wants, so he dropped out of college to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

A successful TV stint, followed up by a promising foray into films, proves that Sushant had the right instincts when it came to following his passion.

Here’s why the actor believes if you #LoveWhatYouDo, you’ll always make winning moves:

Sushant Singh Rajput

To be successful, you have to fall in love with your work

Sushant was introduced to dance and theatre in college, and that opened up a new world of expression and communication for him. Since then, his passion has propelled him to make fearless choices, like quitting a lucrative TV show when it began to feel monotonous.

Takeaway: As long as you #LoveWhatYouDo, you’ll discover new opportunities where you can excel.


Money isn’t everything

Sushant’s come up the hard way, and he admits the money that he earned doing Pavitra Rishta made a major difference to his life. But he also quit the show at its peak and turned down nine film offers because the work wasn’t challenging enough.

Takeaway: Job satisfaction is more important than a pay cheque.

Trust yourself

Trust yourself. Don’t give in to self-doubt

Lack of self-confidence can hold anyone back from achieving dreams and goals, but Sushant conquered his fears early on. Painfully shy, becoming an actor helped him find his voice. His self-assurance prompted acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur to call Sushant “one of the most inspiring young actors to emerge out of India”.


Takeaway: Think positively, and you’ll exude a self-confidence that draws others who can help fulfil your dreams.

Take failure in your stride

After the success of his first film Kai Po Che, Sushant passed up several opportunities for a big project that never took off. Undeterred, he remained steadfast in his pursuit of good work. A lot changes with success and failure, he believes, but if you can find a way to survive, and still do the work that you want, that’s something to be proud of.

Takeaway: Failure isn’t as bad as you might think — you can always learn something from it.

career risks

Career risks are worth taking

From bringing revered fictional character Byomkesh Bakshi alive on screen to training for over 14 months to perfect MS Dhoni’s helicopter shot, Sushant has never shied away from taking creative risks for roles outside his comfort zone.

Takeaway: Taking big risks can lead to major crashes, but it can also help you move faster, climb higher and achieve more.

If you #LoveWhatYouDo, you’ll always be successful. If you don’t, #FindBetter here


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