Game of Thrones: Would Daenerys Targaryen hire you?

Season six of Game of Thrones capped off last week, and it got us thinking — the Mother of Dragons is the ultimate recruiter. The character of Daenerys Targaryen has some serious leadership skills that gained the support of armies, fleets, and villages who followed her on her quest to the Iron Throne. Tyrion Lannister was recently recruited and Theon and Yara Greyjoy had their job interviews this season as well.

It begs the question, if you were applying for a role in the hot new startup, The Iron Throne, would you have the traits to get hired?

Let’s take a look at the pool of candidates within the Seven Kingdoms. Who would you be?:

Tyrion - Games of Throne

Tyrion Lannister, CFO

Pic Credit: YouTube

After holding former positions of Master of Coin and Hand of the King at King’s Landing, the results-driven chief revenue officer has the perfect resume to advise the Queen on how to turn problems into opportunities. While Tyrion isn’t blessed with height, he makes up for it in intellect and a good eye for strategy. He taught Jon Snow how to use his bastardness to his advantage, and gives good counsel to Daenerys Targaryen at Dragon’s (formerly Slaver’s) Bay in Season 6.

Theon - Games of Throne

Theon Greyjoy, the entitled intern

Pic Credit: YouTube

Some junior candidates can feel entitled to their job based on nepotism, educational background, or even a high-level recommendation. But, no one cares where you’re from in the workforce – it just matters if you can deliver results.

Despite not being raised in the Iron Islands, Theon boasted his title as Lord and expected the Iron army to follow him immediately after his arrival home. But no one cared! He hadn’t proven his worth. Every speech he made started with his title, but he was actually a poor leader, fighter, and crumbles under pressure when presented with problems.

Ramsay - Games of Throne

Ramsay Bolton, the leader by terror

Pic Credit: YouTube

If you’re the kind of manager who threatens people to get things done, you’re probably not a leader. Ramsay’s signature move is to ‘flay’ people who cross him. While this may lead to people doing what they’re told, it’s not proactive and it doesn’t win him any friends – at all. In fact, he’s the worst of the worst. And then what happened? It backfired. Massively. Ramsey’s lack of empathy and viciousness got him to where he wanted to be, but he wound up betrayed by his own hounds and Sansa Stark, who was keen to get her revenge.

High Sparrow - Games of Throne

The High Sparrow, the brand evangelist

Pic Credit: YouTube

While the high sparrow is an antagonist in the show, you’ll definitely want someone like him on your team. If he was on Twitter, he would have a couple thousand followers. Everyone needs a storyteller and someone who is loyal to the brand. No matter what negative feedback the High Sparrow hears about The Faith of the Seven, he will make sure that the company message is heard loud and clear by everyone. Every CEO wants each staff member to be a brand evangelist.

Cersei Lannister - Games of Throne

Cersei Lannister, the office sociopath

Credit: YouTube

This staff member will do whatever it takes to get what they want, and take over the culture of the office with their craziness until they have nothing left to lose. Even their closest friend or ally (i.e. Tomman) will throw themselves out a window to escape their levels of crazy. The office sociopath is a dangerous one.

Sansa - Games of throne

Sansa, the intern-turned-manager

Credit: YouTube

Like most interns, Sansa didn’t know much about the politics and roles early on in the series. She was a meek, gullible shy Stark who did what she was told and didn’t know how to play the game. But by Season 6 she had a hand in strategising the defeat of Ramsey’s army and smirked as he was devoured by dogs. When it comes to career development, it took some time, but eventually Sansa came into her own. As a junior, try be more like Sansa!

Margaery - Games of Throne

Margaery Tyrell, the cunning angel in disguise

Credit: YouTube

This employee is good at playing nice and acting innocent when the boss is around, but behind the mask she’s already plotting how to bring others down so she can work her way up. Even if it means she has to be in a relationship with the bosses to get that promotion. But some angels eventually fall….

Jaimie - Games of Throne

Jaime Lannister, the mediator

Credit: YouTube

The mediator is good at his job, that’s how he manages to be on everyone’s good side. If he has a problem with his colleagues, he doesn’t go directly to HR and demand the other party to be fired. He is willing to talk and just come up with a civil solution than result to drastic measures.

Arya - Games of Throne

Arya Stark, the apprentice

Credit: Flickr

Arya was once an apprentice. Twice, if you count her training in Bravos. This is often the type of officemate who comes in on her first day without a single idea about what she has to do but has a strong drive to learn. She asks about everything and trains hard until she becomes the master herself and uses those learnings to her advantage. She’s smart, cunning and although young, has wisdom beyond her years.

Jon Snow - Games of Throne

Jon Snow, the future CEO

Credit: YouTube

Jon Snow doesn’t have amazing leadership skills, so he leads by example. After all, he “knows nothing”, but his strong morals and values helps him make smart decisions. In Jon Snow’s case, he’s the leader that everyone wants to have, but because of office politics, it’s hard to promote him. However, he got there eventually, didn’t he?

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