Wrestling with your career? Dangal shows you how to persevere and achieve your goals

Wrestling with your career? Dangal shows you how to persevere and achieve your goals

Aamir Khan’s Dangal is breaking box-office records and is all set to be one of the actor’s – and India’s – greatest commercial successes. The biopic on the real-life story of Commonwealth Games Gold-winning sisters Geeta and Babita Phogat is gritty, realistic and inspiring. Trained by their father, Mahavir Singh Phogat, the girls realised his dreams through sheer grit and determination.

If you find yourself wrestling with your job and sorely lacking motivation, turn to Dangal for inspiration.

Here are seven ways director Nitesh Tiwari directed Dangal inspires you to persevere and persist:

If Plan A didn’t work, there are 25 more alphabets

Thwarted by circumstances and unable to fulfil his dream of winning an international gold for India, Mahavir Singh Phogat pinned his hopes on having a male child who would realise his dreams. He was blessed with four daughters instead and one fine day, after his girls beat up the neighborhood boys for abusing them, realisation dawned on the wrestler. “Mhaari chhoriyan choro se kam hai ka,”he asks his wife, and proceeds to work on his girls’ talent.

So remember, when one door closes, another one opens. Don’t waste time feeling resentful and angry about your career situation. Instead, think of it as an opportunity for personal growth and positive change and channelise your energy towards finding an even better position.

Set the bar high and your goals higher

Average goals will lead to an average career. If you want to rise above the rest, you will have to set the bar higher. The national coach sets Geeta the goal of bringing back a bronze, but Mahavir Singh wants her to win gold. As he explains to his daughter: “Je ek baat hamesa yaad rakhna, beta. Gar silver jeti toh nahi toh kal log tanne bhool jaavenge. Gold jeeti toh misaal ban jaavegi aur misaal di jaati hai beta, bhooli nahin jaati.” (Always remember – if you don’t win at least a silver medal, people will forget you tomorrow. But if you win gold, you will set a precedent that people will never forget.)

Shun mediocrity, aim for the top slot and keep persevering till you win. 

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day

Even if you have the talent and the skill set, you can’t expect success overnight. Geeta and Babita’s journey to the international wrestling ring wasn’t easy. They had to give up simple pleasures and follow a rigorous routine for years, expending blood, sweat and tears before they made it big. 

Don’t expect things to be handed to you on a platter – be it a new project, a promotion or a raise. Work towards it, and you’ll have it. As Mahavir Singh says: “Medallist ped pe nahin ugte…unhe banana padta hai…pyaar se, mehnat se, lagan se…” (Medal winners don’t grow on trees; they are cultivated with love, hard work and perseverance).

Use the resources you have to forge your path

A resident of a small village in Haryana, Mahavir Singh doesn’t have too many resources to help train his daughters for the big league. But the intrepid coach makes do with what he has – he creates a makeshift akhada (ring) for his girls, haggles over chicken prices to stay within his budget, makes his girls wrestle with boys so they have ample competition, and won’t be fazed even when he can’t take them to a wrestling ring – he just makes one with mattresses. This helps his talented daughters skill up and become champions.

At work, try and emulate this philosophy and use whatever resources are at hand to skill up and get ahead.

Look back and analyse

Whichever industry you work in, the collection and analysis of data is critical to reviewing past work, understanding work and team dynamics, and staying agile. When Geeta fails time after time in international contests, Mahavir Singh studies videos of her past performances to understand the reasons behind her failure. This helps her minimise mistakes, after which he suggests to her the best plan of action for future matches.

Modern trappings can’t always replace old techniques

When village girl Geeta lands in Patiala and is exposed to the vicarious charms of a small town, she forgets all about the path that got her to this high point in her career. She also begins to feel that her new coach and his modern techniques will help make her a champion. But over time, when she ends up losing a series of international wrestling matches, she turns to her father for help. His traditional techniques that got her into the competition help her win.

It’s important to remember that technology can’t always replace the human mind and spirit.

Keep persevering till you make it

Mahavir’s elder daughter, Geeta, may have moved to the National Sports academy to train under a new coach and may have forgotten all that Daddy Dearest taught her, but Mahavir Singh doesn’t for a moment believe that his dream won’t be realised. He steps back for a while, but leaps into the forefront when his daughter approaches him for help. Together, they win India the gold medal.

Always remember that a rejection doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road. Persisting will slowly, but surely, take you to the top. 

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The frog and the TV tower!

It was another noisy Thursday in frog world. 
A group of young frogs were chatting, discussing the latest news. As they looked at the nearby TV tower, the city’ tallest structure, they thought how wonderful it would be to be able to climb on top of it, and go where no frog had ever been. “The wind, the view &hellip oh, to be on top of the tower!”said one of the frogs, and the others croaked in agreement. 

They decided that the following Sunday, they would all climb to the top of the tower. On the appointed day, several frogs gathered to watch the group of young frogs try and do the impossible. As the frogs lined up for the climb, you could hear the shouts from the crowd. “Don’t do it, it’ too dangerous!”

“No one’s done it before, what makes you think you can do it?’

Some of the young frogs heeded the warnings, and ped out before the climb started. The rest set off nevertheless, and as some tiny frogs slipped and fell, you could hear the shouts grow louder. “You can’t do it!” “The tower is way too high!”

One by one, all the frogs gave up, except one little frog. That frog paid no heed to the exhortations, and kept climbing, higher and higher until finally he reached the top of the TV tower. The first frog ever to get there!

The frogs clapped and croaked in delight. When the little frog came down, the rest of them gathered around him.

“How did you manage it? What’s the secret of your success?” they asked. The frog just looked on, and did not say a word. It turned out that he was deaf. And so while the hordes were shouting “It can’t be done”, he hadn’t heard a word. He thought they were egging him on, and mistook their shouts as words of encouragement! It’s a good idea to lead your life like that frog. 

As you go about chasing your goals, your dreams and your ambitions, disregard the people who tell you it can’t be done.

Is there any job or course of study you want to pursue but people are saying with your grades, you’ll never get admission’?

Is there a new business idea that’s been jumping about in your head & but well-wishers are saying you’ll never find the capital for it? 

And do you want to be rich and wealthy, and make your dreams come true – but are being told “get real, no one in our entire family has ever made that kind of money?’
Ignore them all. Turn a deaf ear.

Remember, what you achieve in life will be limited only by your ambitions, your dreams. So when people tell you it can’t be done, they are in a sense, just testing your resolve, your commitment to your goals. How badly do you want to climb your own TV tower? Giving up is easy. Getting to your goals is hard work.

There will be also be moments when you are the one watching other frogs  friends, family and colleagues – trying to climb their TV towers. Be careful what you say to them. You could discourage them and stop them from working towards their goals. Or you could egg them on, and help them achieve their goals. The choice is yours. As one wise man said, you can achieve any goal you desire & if only you will help other people achieve their goals!
And yes, did I tell you who the frog met on top of the TV tower? 

A bumble bee! Now, according to the laws of aerodynamics, the bumble bee cannot fly because its body weight is too high when compared to its wingspan. But luckily, the bumble bee never went to school and is unaware of the laws of aerodynamics. So it happily flies!

Be like the bumble bee, and the deaf frog. Find your goal, your TV tower. And go for it. If you can dream it, you can do it!

“Do the job you love and love the job you do”

INthis era of global competition, the focus of education should be on enhancing employability of the students of professional courses rather than merely seeking employment. This is the only way to ensure sustainable employment. 

What’s employability? 
When an employee adds value to the employer’s investment in the human resource by effectively performing intended functions, he/ she is employable. It’s important that educational institutions focus on integrated development of knowledge, skills and attitudes of students for holistic personality development. Knowledge based on information and data should lead to understanding and wisdom. Skills in its multifaceted dimensions require the capability to use domain knowledge wisely for good of humanity. This calls for communication, interpersonal skills and personality pre-dispositions like initiative, leadership, team playing, positive thinking, integrity, respect for self, others and the environment and of course time management.

‘Total quality person’
A positive attitude comprising both time and work discipline is perhaps the most powerful attribute to enhance a person’s employability quotient. Every problem has a solution for anyone with a positive attitude. A negative attitude finds problems with every solution offered. A great mind and a greater mindset are essential for excellence. Integrity and trustworthiness are vital for success. In domains of technology, a set of good human values is a pre-requisite to ensure that technology contributes to progress and improved life quality. Hence, every engineer, scientist, professional or manager would succeed in life if he/she is also a good human being. It is an interesting coincidence that the weighted sum of the words ‘ATTITUDE’ and ‘DISCIPLINE’ in each case adds up to a perfect 100 by giving increasing weight to alphabets (A=1, B=2 etc.). They make you a ‘total quality person’. Patience, entrepreneurship, innovation, integral thinking, eye for details and capacity to analyse as well as synthesise are some other attributes that will stand you in good stead. In today’s world of electronic revolution one must one’s computer skills on a regular basis .

Learn to learn
Learning to learn is the trait that enables us to our knowledge fast and retain our employability quotient. Knowledge is said to double every 72 hours and if we do not update, unlearn and re-learn, we are left behind. Today we have to run to remain at the same place!

Weakness to opportunity
Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and choose a career where your strengths are leveraged and weakness minimized and converted to opportunities to improve. “Do the job you love and love the job you do” is a mantra for success in life. Excellence and indifference can not coexist. If we nurture our young talent well, the demographic dividend that we have in India, can ensure that we lead the knowledge driven society and become a major supply source of globally employable Indian talent.

Never give up. Never, never give up!

It was the 1870’s. Somewhere in a workshop in New Jersey, Thomas Alva Edison was burning the midnight oil, trying to create a light bulb.

He tried several experiments – all without success. He just couldn’t get it right. His failures became the talk of the town and the story goes that after he had failed for the 500th time, a journalist interviewed him and asked him, “Mr. Edison, how does it feel to have failed 500 times? Why don’t you just give up?”

“No, no, young lady,” replied Edison. “I haven’t failed 500 times. I have just discovered 500 ways it won’t work. I am so much closer now to finding a way that will work!”

And sure enough, in 1879, Edison invented the filament light bulb, an invention that changed the world. By the time he died, the ‘man-who-failed-500-times’ had 1024 patents to his credit, and had founded the iconic General Electric company. But Edison’s real contribution to mankind went beyond all this. He showed us the power of perseverance, the virtue of learning from your failures, and the magic of never giving up.

To succeed, one must learn to embrace failure, and not be scared by it. Failure holds valuable lessons for us – if only we are willing to learn. Thomas J Watson, the founder-chairman of IBM offers valuable advice: “If you want to succeed, double your rate of failure.” Don’t dwell on your failures. Don’t play the blame game. Don’t doubt your ability. Learn from your mistakes. Re-focus on your goals. And keep going.

Very often, we do all the hard work and when we don’t see the desired results, we turn around and walk away – even though we may have been just one step away from success. The problem is, we seldom realize we are just one step away from achieving our goals. In the highway of life, there are no milestones telling us that success is one kilometer ahead. Jacob Riis, a photographer-cum-journalist summed it up well when he said, “When nothing seems to work, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it – but all that had gone before.”

The option of turning away and starting a new journey is careers360_cmsting, because in our minds, it takes away the stigma of failure. When you are not doing well in your job, what seems like the easiest thing to do? Quit, and find another one! When you are banging away at the stone and it doesn’t crack, what do you do? Take a shot at another stone. And another. Result? Lots of effort and zero results.

Look at little babies learning to walk. They try and take a few steps, they stumble and fall. Then they stand up and try again. And bang, they fall again. They don’t feel embarrassed. They just get up and try again, until, bingo, they can walk! Think about it. If little children were like us grown-ups and gave up after a few failed atcareers360_cmsts, we would all have never learnt to walk!

And yet as adults, we forget that lesson. We are scared to take the first steps, because we are scared we might fail. And the first time we taste failure, we give up. A group of school children once asked Sir Winston Churchill what he thought was the secret of success. Churchill’s response? Just seven words. “Never give up. Never, never give up!”

That old truism about winners and quitters still holds good. Winners never quit. And quitters never win.

Time then, to adopt the  Edison mindset. Fail often, but never lose sight of your goals. Sooner or later, there is bound to be light. 

Prakash Iyer’s mantra: “Anger never lets you wi

AS a little kid growing up on a sheep farm near Christchurch, New Zealand, Martin was a bright, hardworking boy, prone to losing his temper and getting angry. He would end up saying harsh words to his friends and family without often realising the impact of his angry outbursts.
 Intent on mending his son’s ways, Martin’s dad decided on a plan. He gave his son a sack of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the wooden fence at the back of their farm. The son agreed. The first day, he hammered 35 nails into the fence. As the days passed, the number of nails hammered into the fence gradually decreased. It was quite a task going all the way to the back of the farm and hammering a nail. Young Martin figured it was easier to just control his temper, and not get angry.
 And then, one day, he did not lose his cool at all. A day of no nails! Delighted, he told his father about it. And the father said that for every day that Martin did not lose his temper, he should pull out a nail from the fence. Martin did as told, and some months later, all the nails in the fence had been removed. Martin was pleased. And so was his dad.
 The father led young Martin to the back of the farm and pointing to the wooden fence he said “You have done well, my son and I am proud of you. But notice the holes left behind by the nails? They will never go away. The fence will never be the same again. It’s like that with our anger too. When we are angry, we say things that leave a scar. And no amount of apologizing thereafter can ever remove those scars. Remember that!”
 It’s a lesson Martin has remembered all his life. And it’s a lesson we would all do well to take to heart too. Keep your cool. Don’t lose your temper. And you will see a significant improvement in your relationships. People will like you more, they will respect you a lot more – and you will find that hardly anybody gets angry with you. If you find yourself losing your cool often, maybe you should set yourself a punishment equivalent to hammering nails on the fence. Like Martin, you too might then find yourself controlling your a lot better. Good to remember that you can never really win when you get angry. You always lose your temper, your cool and a whole lot else besides.
 Saying ‘Sorry’ is like using one of those erasers on the top of a pencil. It’s easy to use, it feels like you have erased what was written, but the marks remain on the sheet of paper forever. And in this era of instant messaging and on-the-go e-mails, it becomes even more important to watch your words. If you are upset and want to shoot off an angry e-mail or message, hold it! Draft a mail perhaps – but leave it as a draft. Don’t hit the ‘send’ button whilst you are angry. Tell yourself that you will take a look at it the next morning, and only then send it. Chances are, with a cooler head the next morning, you will realise the folly of sending out the angry email. And it does not matter that you are in the right, or that you think your anger is justified. If you lose your cool, remember, you lose. Period.
Next time you are angry and want to say something, take a deep breath. Pause. And maybe say nothing at all.
Starting today, resolve to keep your cool. Watch what you say. And see the difference! 

6 stand-out new Mobile App features of 2014

The year 2014 finished with a bang for Monster.com. Monster launched a trailblazing website as well as a uniquely intelligent mobile app armed with professional networking exclusively for jobs along with Analytics for both jobseekers and recruiters. 

Thanks to Monster, now you can search and apply for jobs with Monster Mobile app in just a few simple taps. Complete with a wide range of native features, it delivers an engaging user experience that will guide you through your search and apply in a series of quick and easy steps.

Download app NOW!

The need for these features were highlighted in a need-gap analysis conducted by Monster to classify a jobseeker’s choicest routes to Find Better as well as need to stay connected to the job market. Monster believes that there is a better opportunity out there and a jobseeker should keep Finding Better.  However a passive job-seeker may miss an opportunity he has always desired for. So the need was to fill-in for the seeker (both active and passive) while he is busy with his day-to-day life. This called for a requirement for Better Access which is achieved by a unique and intelligent app.  The new features will enable seekers build connections with various companies, recruiters and peers to help them find better. It will also keep the seekers engaged with their connections to get relevant and current job recommendations to increase their job chances. 

Know More

We’ve gathered the ‘never before’ features which we feel are noteworthy of a spot in this years’ time capsule below.

·         Avatar: Assign yourself an avatar by setting your career status.   

·         Notifications: Be informed anytime and anywhere with notifications on job alerts, pending actions, company/recruiter update, connection, etc. 

·         Smart Job Recommendations: Check relevant job recommendations suggested by the app based on your profile information and job search behavior.

·         Professional Networking for jobs: Search, connect and expand your network by connecting with people within Monster network. Also, leverage existing connections within the Monster environment by importing contacts from external networks.   

·         Endorsements: Boost your chances of finding better jobs byendorsing skills and receiving skill endorsement from other connected seekers in the network.

·         Insights: Get access tovarious insights related to your profile, job activity and connections. These

insights will help take the right action to improve your chances of finding relevant jobs.

Keep trying. Keep sowing. Reap a bumper harvest.

AS I waited at the doctor’s clinic last week, a framed cartoon on the wall caught my attention. It illustrated a patient telling his doctor, angrily: “Don’t talk to me about improving my diet. I ate a carrot last week, and nothing happened!”

And that set me thinking. We are all like that patient, really. In an era of instant noodles and T20 cricket, we are all hungry for quick results. And when that’s not forthcoming, we get bored. We give up. We change tracks. For true success in life, it’s important to remember that we need to develop the habit of perseverance. Consistent behaviour has its rewards. Always. And if you want to be a winner, just do it.

You can’t stop working hard, just because you didn’t get promoted last year. You can’t stop studying, just because it didn’t help your grades in the last exam. Look around, and you will see several people who had great ideas, and tremendous ability – but somehow lost their way, because they did not stay the course. They stopped trying. They gave up, even before success had a chance to show up! Perseverance pays. 

In the Bible there’s a story about a farmer and his seeds. The farmer is ambitious, and he has excellent seeds. Now here’s what happens when the farmer goes out to sow the seeds. As he scatters the seeds, at first some birds come and get them. What does the farmer do then? He doesn’t go chasing the birds. He just continues to sow seeds. Some of the seeds fall on rocky land. They sprout into tiny saplings. But at the first strong wind, they bend over and die. The farmer would be justified in blaming his luck. “Why me? Why do I always get rocky land?” But the farmer would have none of that. He just continues regardless. 

Some seeds find themselves trapped between weeds. As they try and grow, the weeds strangle them, and shut them out. Again, most farmers would probably complain about the unfairness of it all. This farmer doesn’t. He just continues to sow the seeds. And of course, finally, some of those seeds fall on fertile soil, and the farmer is rewarded with an excellent crop. What happened to that farmer happens to all of us in our lives, all the time. We are like him – ambitious – and like him, we all have excellent seeds: we have the raw material needed to reap a fortune. But we don’t necessarily behave like the farmer. 

When the birds get the seeds – when we find someone else take undue advantage of our efforts or when something is amiss, we get distracted. We shift focus to the birds, and get busy chasing them away, rather than focus on our real task: sowing seeds. Farmers become bird-chasers! It’s good to remember that in life, some seeds will fall on rocky land, or amidst weeds. Don’t bother. That’s the way it is. Such is life. Our task is to continue to sow. To persevere. If you do that, success is sure to come.

Sometimes, a non-seasonal flood wipes out an entire crop. Farmers are devastated. All their efforts come to naught. What do they do? Do they give up and say they will not sow any more seeds? No, they don’t. They realise that to have any chance of reaping a harvest next year, they need to sow seeds. One more time.  And never mind the flood. But in our lives, we are not quite like that. One failure and we look at doing something else. If we don’t get the results, we stop trying. Good lesson to remember: Trying does not guarantee success. But not trying certainly ensures failure.

As a new year begins, here’s wishing you the perseverance of the farmer. Keep trying. Keep sowing. You are bound to reap a wonderful harvest. In 2015. And beyond.

Prakash Iyer is MD, Kimberly-Clark, and executive coach.

Want to be a winner? Just do it!

Here’s a simple question to get you started. There are three monkeys sitting on a tree, above a pond. One of the monkeys decides to jump into the pond. How many monkeys are left on the tree? Two? Wrong. 

The right answer is three. You see, the monkey only made the decision to jump into the pond. It didn’t actually jump! If you think about it, we are all like that. We take decisions. We make resolutions. But somehow, we don’t follow through with action. Intent without action is quite useless, really. Getting started – taking that first step – is often the master key to success. As someone once said, you don’t have to be great to get started. But you sure have to get started to become great!

Do you find yourself struggling to take action on your plans and intentions? Well, here’s a five-point programme to help you move from intent to action.

Make a beginning?
The right away. Whatever be your goal, take the first step – however small – right away. Until you take that first step, your mind does not believe you. You need to signal yourself that you are serious, that you mean business. Commit to taking action, immediately. Today. Now.

Break up the grand plan into smaller tasks
Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Sometimes the task ahead looks so enormous that we feel overwhelmed that we don’t do anything about it. Break that up into smaller sub-tasks, and suddenly you’ll find something that’s doable. Remember that old adage -‘Something is better than nothing’.  It’s still true.

Think of the pleasure, not the pain
Visualise success. If you want to do an MBA at a premier school and plan to devote three hours a day to studying, don’t think about missing the football game on television, or about not being able to go out for that Saturday night bash. Think instead of the job that you could get post your MBA, the rewards that it would bring, the dreams that would get realised. 

Create a support group
Surround yourself with people who share your objective, who are the co-passengers on your journey to success. The excitement of being in it together will help you fight the inertia and get you going with the rest of the gang. 

Pay up in advance
For most of us, monetary commitments are a strong impetus for action. The fear of losing money or wasting it, can spur you into action. We follow up on our commitments, if only to ensure our money is well-spent. Plan to lose weight? Pay up for that three-month weight loss programme!  Don’t wait. 

Bestselling management author Tom Peters tells the story of a man who approached American financer and banker JP Morgan with an envelope and said “Sir, in my hand I hold a guaranteed formula for success, which I will gladly sell to you for $25,000.”

“Sir,” JP Morgan replied, “I do not know what is in the envelope. However, if you show me and I like it, I will give you my word as a gentleman that I will pay you what you ask.” The man agreed to the terms, and handed over the envelope. JP Morgan opened it and pulled out a single sheet of paper. He gave it one look – a mere glance – then handed it back to the gentleman. And paid him the agreed-upon sum of $25,000! On that sheet of paper, were two things:

  • Every morning, write down a list of the things that need to be done that day.
  • Do them.

JP Morgan benefited from this advice and so can you. Knowing what to do is often easy. We all have our list of things to do. Our plans and our resolutions. Doing it – that’s the tough bit. But that’s the hallmark of successful people. The Nike guys are right. Want to be a winner? Just do it!

Infographic: How to start loving Mondays at Work?

If you are reading this, chances are you hate Mondays. In fact, Monday is considered the worst day of the week. But is it really so? We at Monster.com believe Monday could be the best day of the week if you really love what you do. Yes loving your job makes Mondays awesome! When your colleagues are your best friends, you start loving to Mondays. When your work place is interesting, Mondays can be fun days! No? 

Here’s our guide to start loving Mondays! Next Monday, give these a shot and you’ll say #ThankGodItsMonday!

Love Mondays

And here’s one more reason to love Mondays from us.Participate in the #ThankGodItsMonday Selfie Contest and you could win a Kindle!

Love Mondays like never before with Monster.com

The alarm goes off! Alas, the weekend is officially over and so is the fun. Monday is considered the worst day of the week but what if Mondays create the same euphoria of a Friday. What if TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) is the new TGIF? At Monster.com, we are inspiring people to love Mondays with our new campaign #ThankGodItsMonday, by reaching out to young entrepreneurs and office goers to embrace Mondays happily and more willingly. The idea is all about pursuing your passion and loving what you do…each day, every day.

Monster.com paints Gurgaon purple motivates people to love Mondays
The four week long campaign started 11 January has created a joyful Monday experience for the office goers and young entrepreneurs in Gurgaon. The campaign set off by making the travel time to office exciting with the Rapid Metro in Gurgaon wrapped in Monster’s signature purple colour. The commuters are being accompanied by the Monster Trump where they also participating in a selfie contest with the Monster Trump and fellow commuters. Sharing of selfies has already begun where the office goers are telling us why they love what they do. That’s not all; the winners would get one Kindle every week for the most creative caption and selfie.

Love mondays

The cherry on the cake is the way the office goers and entrepreneurs have been made to feel special. Yes, they are being shuttled in luxury cars from select stations and are dropped to their offices within a 5 km radius.

A joyful Monday experience for Bengalureans and Mumbaikars
Monster.com has also launched #ThankGodItsMonday campaign to create a joyful Monday experience for the office goers and young entrepreneurs in Bengalaru and Mumbai. The campaign in Bengaluru set off by making the travel time to office exciting with Monster branded Luxury cars. Yes, the office goers are being shuttled in luxury ‘Camry’ cars from select stations and are dropped to their offices within a 5 kms radius.

Thank God Its Monday
Thank God Its Monday Selfie Contest

Besides, the campaign is active in select corporate parks in both the cities, where office goers are participating in a selfie contest, clicking pictures with Monster Trump. And sharing of selfies has already begun where the office goers and young entrepreneurs are telling us why they love what they do. If you also want to participate in #ThankGodItsMonday Selfie Contest to win a Kindle – click here.

Here’s a video to make you love what you do and say #ThankGodItsMonday