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8 Reasons why people hate Mondays

Monday blues. Mundane Mondays! Scary Mondays. Most of us hate Mondays but why! Here are 8 reasons why people hate Mondays. But it is all in the mind. See it in a new context and you might just start liking …


5 Reasons why employees who love what they do are the happiest

Remember that one person in the office who brightly wishes you “Good Morning!” on a Monday and actually means it? We are about to give away their greatest secret!

1. Their job is the same as their passion
People who …


Edison hired people with a mind of their own. Do you, when you hire?

Not big on formal education qualifications, the American inventor looked for people with open minds – and lots of curiosity!

We all have our own stories to tell about the weird questions we got asked at a job interview or …


Life lessons from a baby giraffe

Life Lessons

Baby giraffes never go to school. But they learn a very important lesson rather early in life. A lesson that all of us would do well to remember.

The birth of a baby giraffe is quite an earth-shaking event. The …


No-getter to go-getter in 8 easy steps [Infographic]

You think you have tried everything but are still waiting for the success you deserve. Have you thought about what’s holding you back? Is it because:

a) The past is haunting you

b) You are full of regrets

c) You …


Azim Premji: Take Charge of Your Career Destiny


THE funny thing about life is that you realize the value of something only when it begins to leave you. As my hair turned from black to salt and pepper and finally salt without the pepper, I have begun to realise …


The best of 2018: Top 10 articles that you loved

top 10 articles of 2018

Over the course of the last year, we shared practical advice, handy tips, useful recommendations, best practices, uncompromising facts and busted myths to help job seekers Find Better, and faster, at Monster.

These articles, among others, shared tips and tricks to …


4 lessons you can learn from Sachin Tendulkar to achieve your career dreams

lessons you can learn from Sachin Tendulkar

With the maximum number of Test runs (15,921) by a cricketer, most ODI runs (18,426), most ODI centuries (49), most Test centuries (51), and a ton of other records, Sachin Tendulkar is unarguably the greatest batsman of the modern era. …


10 Legends who showed us ‘Loving What You Do’ can change the world

Get inspired from these legends

Greatness – A word that everyone is in absolute awe of; an honor that many would give away their very lives to achieve. And yet, those rare few who did achieve it were barely even interested in it! How did …


Impossible is nothing: Life lessons from Muhammad Ali

impossible is nothing

Olympic medallist at 18, the youngest pugilist to take the heavyweight title from a reigning heavyweight champion at 22, the first to win the world heavyweight title three times—the late Muhammad Ali’s career is a clutch of sporting records.

From …