Which Original Star Trek team member are you at work?

Star Trek

When it comes to our careers, all of us want to ‘Live Long and Prosper’. And what better place to seek inspiration than a tale that has captured imaginations around the world for decades?

Whether fending off attacks from unknown alien starships or freeing Federation outposts, the seven key members of the U.S.S Enterprise crew are highly successful in their missions. Take a trip back in time and find out which of these Star Trek: The Original Series characters you channel at work!

Lessons from Star Trek

James T Kirk: The Risk Taker

Given his courage, confidence and charismatic personality, the captain of the USS Enterprise believes in leading by example. Bluffing his way to outmaneuver enemies and disobeying direct orders to save team members, Kirk’s willingness to take risks (and accept failure!) is his greatest strengths. His team knows he’d take a bullet for them. In an episode where, after blowing up his cherished ship to save his crew and take out the attackers in one fell swoop, Kirk asks Bones if he did the right thing. Bones replies that he had done “what you’ve always done: Turn death into a fighting chance to live”.

Lessons from Star Trek
Lessons from Star Trek
Lessons from Star Trek
Lessons from Star Trek
Lessons from Star Trek

At times, Kirk’s impetuous nature may cause him to make snap decisions that don’t have the best results. But more often than not, by relying on his gut feeling and intuition, he challenges the status quo to achieve the impossible. 

Spock: The Logical Thinker

On the other end of the spectrum from Kirk is the first officer of the USS Enterprise. Spock places his trust in cold, hard facts to gain insight into the ideas and actions of others. It would be unfair to say the half-Vulcan is devoid of emotions – he simply refuses to be overcome by them. 
Spock’s matter-of-fact style and questionable people skills do pose a challenge to even the most amiable team members. But his unequivocal loyalty to the mission and ability to gather the facts, study them and respectfully provide input are qualities that endear him to others.

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy: The Compassionate Colleague

If Kirk is the inspiration and Spock is the brain, we’d call McCoy the heart of the U.S.S Enterprise team. In an episode titled The Ultimate Computer, he even explains why he believes empathy is key to success. “Compassion. That’s the one thing no machine ever had. Maybe it’s the one thing that keeps men ahead of them.”

Bones may be the kindest man on the bridge, but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to suffer fools. He’s never one to mince words when it comes to expressing his dislike for people, but he is always the first to bring up the moral side in a discussion. You can always count on him to do the right thing.

Montgomery Scott (Scotty): Pressure Performer

When the going gets tough, you’re unlikely to see this chief engineer jump ship. Scotty may need a little nudge to get past his initial reservations, but once his engine is revved up, it’s all systems go! His ability to perform in stressful situations is his biggest asset; in most Star Trek episodes, we watch as he solves unimaginable crises involving the engine or transporters below the bridge. Like Kirk, he too believes in the “do as I do” leadership style; unlike Kirk, he’s a background player who shines during high-pressure times. 

Always willing to rise to a challenge, it’s no wonder ‘Beam me up, Scotty!’ has become his catchphrase.

Pavel Chekov: All Star Player

The youngest person on the bridge, Chekov brings new perspectives to enhance the functioning of the team. We watch him juggle several roles — second-in-command executive officer, science officer, medical officer. He’s even the office clown, whose nervous energy keeps the laughter going at work. The Russian prodigy is basically that teammate who can do pretty much anything, if given a chance. 

Hikaru Sulu: A Man of Many Talents

He may not be the most captivating person on the bridge, but Captain Sulu’s competency in a variety of tasks makes him an integral to the success of the team. In an episode titled ‘The Man Trap,’ we see how his interest in botany helps identify a carnivorous plant that threatens to wipe out the crew. He’s also the only one Kirk turns to for an assessment of the conditions on unexplored planets. 

Unlike Chekov or Scotty, Sulu’s very level-headed. Which is probably why he’s often asked to take on the role of acting commander of the ship. After all, if you’re looking to divest management responsibilities, you’d want to leave your most pragmatic team member in charge.

Lessons from Star Trek

Nyota Uhura: The Wonder Woman 

Of the seven members on the bridge, Nyota Uhura is the only woman on the team. But her gender isn’t the only reason why she stands out. The Enterprise’s Communications Officer is a linguistic genius, a brilliant techie among trekkies, problem-solver and fearless in fights. A feminist icon that quietly challenged the idea of masculinity on the bridge, she’s proof that women can be taken seriously in male-dominated environments.


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