‘You should always do what you’re passionate about’

Rajan Anandan - Google

“If you fail, try again, if you fail again, try again, just keep trying until you land it,” says Rajan Anandan, Vice President, India and South East Asia, Google.

Anandan’s view on choosing the right career highlights the significance of#LoveWhatYouDo. “My view is, you should always do what you’re passionate about,” he says.

His own first job was influenced by two key factors—what he liked doing, and what he wanted to do. “What was very important for me was to identify what were the kinds of things I wanted to do, and what were the objectives. So my objective was to stay in the US and work for a firm that was interesting, doing interesting work,” he shares. His answer supports one of the key findings of the Monster My First Job Survey where respondents identified better career prospects as crucial to influencing their decision whether to move on or continue in their first jobs.

Another key insight from the interview is how different companies seek different qualities while hiring young talent. “At Google we look for four or five important things but one of them is problem solving ability…. Being able to solve complex problems quickly, being analytical about it, that’s very, very important.” Another useful tip irrespective of the company you are interviewing for: Listen to the question carefully, and respond briefly and precisely. “You also have to keep in mind, the more senior the person you are interviewing with, the less their attention span is,” says Anandan.

He also reiterates the importance of researching a job role to find out whether your skill sets match the requirements. And finally, if you don’t succeed, learn from your mistakes and try again! Watch the video below:


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