5 tips women entrepreneurs must know about running a business

Tips for women entrepreneurs

It’s no doubt that women-owned enterprises are on the rise and women entrepreneurs are doing remarkable things in India. If you too have decided to start something of your own, more power to you! Ahead of you is a mind boggling journey which won’t be simple but will be incredibly rewarding.  As you tread along on the path to successful entrepreneurship, here are some things, facts and tips that you should be armed with.

  1. There will be more than a few challenges – From getting your idea across to getting funding, it’s going to be challenging. It’s not like it’s any less challenging for men, but as women, you will sometimes be faced with stereotypes where people might not think you have enough technical knowledge. It is best to garner as much knowledge about all the aspects of your business – especially the tech part as most businesses are now tech driven. Other people will believe you will not be able to strike a balance between work and family life. The only way out of this is sheer hard work and persistence that will thrash stereotypes.

  2. Pay Attention To Hiring – The team that you work with can make or break your business. You need to put your heart and soul into hiring. Make sure that you bring on board the people who are as enthused about your idea as you are, if not more. Hiring people with the zeal and passion that you possess will ensure that you and your employees work together in making your business idea a success.

  3. Have A Mentor By Your Side – It always bodes well to have a mentor who you look up to and trust. This person will not only guide you on the path of success but also help you steer clear of the mistakes he or she might have made while staring out. A mentor will also help you with networking by introducing you to his or her already established network. Initiatives like CashKaro.com’s #SheCEO will also help you along your way. This month long campaign, going live in the Women’s month of March will guide and train select students and business owners in various aspects of business like funding, management, social media and much more. Being a part of such programs will push you in the right direction.

  4. Play To Your Strengths – As a woman, you are probably more compassionate and it’s easier for you to reach out to investors or to comprehend the needs of clients. Plus, you might carry out more prudent and well thought out decisions. You also understand the needs of female employees and create a loyal and happy team. Use these factors as your strengths and you will be unstoppable in your entrepreneurial journey.

  5. Get Social – Again to do with the tech side of things, make sure you have a huge social presence. More and more CEOs are now going social and using it to boost brand awareness and network with the who’s who of business. Employ platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which will help you recruit as well as network.

Finally, entrepreneurship requires you to be agile and on your toes at all times so be ready to be on top of things day and night. Do not feel that your gender defines you in any way other than making you a force to be reckoned with. Entrepreneurship will prove to be a journey worth taking.

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