Corporates Paving Ways for ‘Women on the Go’

Women are entering the workforce in unprecedented numbers. Yet a majority of percentage drops out within a decade, either after marriage or childbirth and slowly disappear from the job market permanently. 

With economy picking up the pace, companies are more inclined in expanding their core business and require specialized skills and talent. 

The trend toward contract jobs has been intensified by the depth of the talent war, with corporates trying to retain specialized talent with diversified skills amidst a plethora of job opportunities. Companies are now facilitating flexible work options via contract jobs to lure skilled female professionals back into the employment. 

Indeed, companies are offering attractive compensation and an opportunity to gain accreditations to retain contract staff and preventing them to be lured to full time positions elsewhere. 

Flexible work arrangements turn into a win-win situation for both the parties. Companies get skilled talent to work on their critical projects on a fixed stipend, while offering an opportunity to women to pursue their careers without compromising on family time.

Search for Contract jobs with the leading companies, including:

·         Collabera Technologies 

·         Triangle Global 

·         ITC Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. 

·         Starbus Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

·         Fathom Ideaware

·         Pavo Group 

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