Event Management: People behind the glamour

HAVE you ever wondered who is behind those fashion shows, award functions (TV, film or corporate), or even big fat Indian weddings? It is the Event Managers, a growing tribe who work around mind-boggling logistics to make it all happen.

A growing field

Today around 500 big and 1,800 small event management companies are operating in India and the ambit is widening with even occasions like seminars, exhibitions and stage shows being taken up by independent event managers. In the last 10 years, the field has grown at the rate of 200 percent and is worth nearly 3,000 crores!

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Who is hiring

·         Event Management companies

·         Hotel, Travel & Hospitality Industry

·         Advertising & PR

·         TV channels & media

How to enter the profession

All it takes is gift of the gab to enter the profession; however it also involves back breaking labor with tremendous attention to detail. From concept development, to location planning, technology assistance, manpower, entertainment, food, transport, the list is endless.  

Other required skills include:

o    Leadership & Organizational skills, eye for detail and creativity

o    Negotiating skills, strong communication and networking skills

o    Marketing & business acumen

o    Hard work; plenty of patience

o    Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

o    Risk management

Job roles

When a client approaches an event management company, the Event Manager first designs, the framework, then prepares a market plan, works on logistics, decides venue and on the final day, executes the event.

Job openings can include Visualising Concepts, Planning, Budgeting, Organising, Coordinating & Executing. Since film and TV industry has started hosting big events at foreign shores, you can try your luck in the international market as well.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of such a rapidly growing industry.

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