How well your current job scores on the Love-o-Meter?

Given the fact that our career choices mean so much to us – it’s highly important to check as to whether our jobs are truly in sync with our heart’s true desires. And how does one do that? For an answer, try solving this short 8-question quiz which tests as to how well your current job scores on the ‘Love-o-Meter!’ Let’s go!

Q.1: Which of these three words describes your job the best?
A. Awesome!
B. Interesting
C. Average

Q.2: You’re out vacationing when someone calls you and asks for your help with a task. Do you…
A. Eagerly help-out the person without as much as a moment’s hesitation.
B. Feel a bit disappointed, but help them out anyways.
C. Are outraged that someone could actually bring up ‘work’ on what was supposed to be a bright, blissful day.

Q.3: Someone shows you better way to do things. Do you…
A. Eagerly and joyfully switch to the new way of doing things.
B. Note down the new method for future reference just in case you happened to need it someday.
C. Wonder why others are poking their nose into your business.

Q.4: Your mind equates the word “happiness” with…
A. Your job – because it makes you absolutely, incredibly happy!
B. A job promotion – because I work for money first.
C. Happiness? What’s that!

Q.5: Someone asks you for fresh ideas on a project. Do you…
A. Feel absolutely delighted that such an opportunity has come your way.
B. Scribble a few ideas off the top-of-your-mind and put them in a PPT.
C. Ask about the deadline first; then think up creative excuses to get things postponed even further.

Q.6: You meet someone who follows their true passion for a living. Do you…
A. Easily relate to and identify with their mad enthusiasm and passion towards their job.
B. Feel happy for that person but also feel a little envious inside at the same time.
C. Feel the painful pangs of jealousy within, along with a deep longing to be able to do the same.

Q.7: You’ve free time on your hands at the office. Do you…
A. Think about new, exciting and creative ways to make your work even more awesome.
B. Discuss work-related stuff with your colleagues because you have nothing better to do.
C. Think up new, exciting and creative ways to pass your time and entertain yourself.

Q.8: It’s Monday morning and you’ve just woken up. What’s on your mind?
A. It’s Monday again! I can’t wait to get back to work!
B. Weekend’s over. 5 more days of work, here I come!

In case you haven’t realized it already – answering most questions in the B’s and C’s clearly indicates that your present job is most certainly not the same as your truest, deepest passion! 

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