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Finding the right job can be a daunting task because either job seekers are most likely to be swept away by too many search results thrown by various online job boards or they miss out on important job opportunities. According to a talent survey by Ernst & Young, 75% of all junior and mid-level vacancies, including sales and operations roles, are filled within two months. This means that the entire process of posting jobs, finding candidates, interviewing them and finalizing the right ones happens within this time on an average.

The point is: There are millions of jobs posted on job boards like Monster, so how do you track your ideal job soon after it’s been posted?

Create Job Alert

To help you solve this problem and to make sure you never miss a job, Monster offers free job alerts. You can create up to 5 job alerts. Setting up and leveraging job alerts smartly will allow you to get relevant jobs into your email inbox. Monster Job Alert allows you to apply for new jobs that match your profile soon after they are posted. Monster handpicks the latest jobs based on specific criteria that you set and sends them straight to your email Id.

How to set up a Job Alert on Monster?

Here are 5 easy steps to create your job alert.

  • Step 1
    Go to the Monster Create Job Alert link

  • Step 2
    Enter an agent name and your email address. So, if this job alert is related to finding a product manager role you can name it “Product Manager Job Alert” or anything else that suits you.
Create Job Alert - Step 2
  • Step 3 
    Add your skills and years of work experience. The best part about the skills column is that it is extremely broad-based and there are many skills to choose from. So simply type in all the skills that you have that should be a part of the job alert.

Create Job Alert - Step 3
  • Step 4
    Enter the industry you want to be a part of, the function or department that you want to join and the job role you desire. To keep the job alert as relevant as possible, you can only add a maximum of two options in each of these categories. Here’s how the form will look once these fields are filled.
  • Step 5
    Enter the location you prefer. You can choose from many options here and if you’re willing to relocate, then you will have access to more opportunities. 

    The final field is periodicity, which refers to how often you’d like to receive the job alert in your inbox. If you’re passively looking for new opportunities, a weekly alert might suffice whereas if you’re unemployed or on your notice period, then daily alerts would be better.

    Now click on “Create New Agent” and your job alert is created automatically. You can now set up another job alert. You can create up to 5 job alerts.

How to leverage Monster Job Alerts?

There are three major advantages with setting up a job alert on Monster.

  • The first is that the relevant jobs are delivered directly to your inbox, so you no longer have to waste your time searching for new jobs and can use this time for learning new skills, preparing for interviews and so on.

  • The other advantage is that you get to know about new jobs as soon as they are posted. This means you will never miss a great job opportunity.

  • The best part about job alerts is that they are very specific, from your skills to your role and industry. This means you will only get the most relevant jobs. In case there are other job areas you are interested in, you can create a separate job alert for them.

  • At the end of the day, the job market is becoming more and more competitive. While there are more opportunities, there is also intense competition to get to those opportunities first. Nevertheless, Monster Job Alert is a simple tool that you can use to stay ahead of the curve.

All the best! Set up your job alert now.


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