Do you know about some beautiful Tv Actresses of Colors channel

Do you know about some beautiful Tv Actresses of Colors channel

She started her career in 2009 but gained recognition through Colors Tv’s Phulwa in 2011. She has got the best child actor female award in 2011 and best debut of the year (female) in 2018.


She was born in Jalandhar, Punjab on 29 May 1988. Initially she started her career with regional theatre and films She is known for her role in Qubool Hai and now she is playing a role in Naagin 3.


Mouni Roy is an Indian film, television actress and a trained Kathak Dancer. She was born on 28 September 1985. She is best known for playing Krishna Tulsi in ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ in 2007. In 2018 she made her film debut opposite Akshay Kumar. In 2019 she has won the most stylish personality award from the Lions Gold Awards.


These are the top 5 hottest models, see pictures

Friends today we are going to talk about top 5 hottest models and actresses.

These are the top 5 hottest models, see pictures

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1) Nathalia Kaur – Nathalia is one of the most beautiful model who is not from India but she appeared in many Hindi and south Indian films.

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2) Sakshi Malik – Sakshi is an Indian model who is based in Delhi, she is yet to appear in Bollywood movies but she is very popular on Instagram.

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3) Pori Moni – She is one of the most beautiful model who belongs to Bangladesh, she appeared in many Bengali films and TV commercials.

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4) Aditi Budhathoki – Aditi is the most beautiful model and actress from Nepal who appeared in many Nepali movies.

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5) Ihana Dhillon – Hate Story 4 actress Ihana Dhillon is an Indian model and actress who appeared in some music videos as well, she is also one of the most beautiful model in India.

Demand for Contract Jobs Surge

Contract jobs have come up as a safe avenue for the working professionals who found themselves jaded of the long working hours in their full time employment. They offer a comprehensive plethora of advantages for both a candidate and employer and do not seem to be losing stream any sooner. 

Advantages of Contract Jobs for Companies

Today, businesses continue to look at contract hiring as a faster way to hire new staff as compared to hiring permanent employees that typically need longer timeline to be approved. 

Initially companies turned out to contract jobs to overcome hiring freeze during the global economic downturn during and that posed restriction on hiring for critical projects. Though the economy has now entered into the recovery phase, companies still want to continue to employ professionals on contract, recognizing the economic benefits of contract workforce. 

Also, it ensures them a highly specialized workforce for their critical projects and assignments. In fact, companies are offering attractive compensation and an opportunity to gain accreditations to retain contract staff and preventing them to be lured to full time positions elsewhere. 

Advantages of Contract Jobs for Candidates  

Contract jobs are equally the best bet for candidates seeking out challenging projects along with a greater work flexibility and exposure. By distinguishing between the myths and realities of interim work, they can make an informed decision on whether working as a consultant is an apt option for them in the current business environment.

Professionals are willing to accept contract jobs to gain exposure to advanced technologies and key projects, particularly when it comes to working with multinational corporations (MNCs) as they get a chance to leverage the opportunity to stay updated about the industry developments. 

There are organizations that offer training to their consultants to help them continually upgrade their skills and earn recognition. 

Other benefits that come handy with contract jobs are attractive remuneration, flexible work arrangements and varied work experience.

Contract Jobs – A Solution to Better Work-Life Balance

For many working mothers, it’s doable to coast through their careers for some years while devoting most of their energy to raising their kids. This at times results into missing immediate opportunities that can help them ascent up the corporate ladder. And they could feel dissatisfied with their status quo, either because they need personal satisfaction that come with advancement, or because they work in an industry where careers can wither if they don’t advance.

Contract jobs can help working mothers continue an upward trajectory while caring for their family without compromising on either of them. They let you keep your family onboard as you continue to advance your career and negotiate flexible working arrangements. In addition, you get an opportunity to learn new skill sets and gain experience in another industry / sector. 

Even if at a later stage, you decide to accept a permanent employment; your contract job experience can help you decide whether to work for such a company in future. 

What to Look for When Accepting a Contract Job 

You need to be highly meticulous while choosing contract jobs. 

·        Pay attention to the nature of the work and understand the legal implications of breaking a contract. 

·         Next check out the amount of time the job requires on a regular basis. It must leave you with more family or ‘me’ time. 

·         Confirm the mode of payment. Will the payment be made by direct deposit or cheque. 

·         Be sure about the duration of the contract. 

·        Some contract jobs even have the possibility of extension or conversion into a permanent job at the end of the contract. Check the same with the employer as your contract job can turn into a wonderful prospect for you in future.

Like permanent jobs, contract jobs are also subject to taxation. Take the required details on your tax reporting responsibilities and check the tax laws that pertain to the contract jobs. 

Make a Transition to Greater Work Flexibility

Many mothers straddle the line between working full-time and staying home with their kids. Flexible work options allowing to work as an independent contractor can be a great way for women to stay connected to both their careers and families. 

Excellent Opportunities Coming Your Way 

Many businesses nowadays are now looking forward to hiring workforce with niche skills on contract basis and maintaining work force flexibility. This increases the prospects for aspiring job seekers like you to make hay while the sun shines! Opportunities are available across job types, experience levels, and salary ranges. 

Earn More Family Time

Contract Jobs eliminate a need for you to do the massive and difficult juggling act between a full-time job and a family and can be the best decision for your quality of life. Contract jobs can also offer long-term career benefits not afforded to women who leave the workforce completely. 

How to Make A Transition to a Contract Job 

Follow these tips to thrive in a Contract Job: 
• Assess Your Needs: It’s important to focus on what’s right for you and your family, regardless of what others say or do. 

• Shop for Benefits Early: Before you have children, position yourself in companies with progressive benefits. 

• Stay Connected: Join industry and professional associations to keep up with trends. Know the best practices to make the most of your careers while working as an independent contractor.

A TIP: Two-thirds of candidates don’t tend to follow up with the employer after submitting their resume for consideration. If the hiring manager has mentioned his/her contact information, send a follow-up email a week or two after submission. This can help remind the recruiter to take a second look at your resume for the available opportunity. 

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Balance Career and Motherhood with Contract Jobs

Millions of women around the world are pursuing their professional and personal life both, however, often at the cost of their own time. They strive day in and day out to accomplish the best, both at work and home. There are times when they have to stretch back in the office, missing a family dinner or kids’ big moments. They stress about falling behind at work when their kids need extra attention. 

Now working mothers can balance their work and families with the help of Contract Jobs. Many companies have begun hiring professionals with specialized skills on a contract basis. Such jobs last for a fixed amount of time, such as three months, six months, a year, etc. Under a contract job, an employee is known as an independent contractor and can avail a variety of benefits.

Outlined below are other advantages Contract Jobs have in store for women professionals: 

Enhanced Flexibility: 

Contract jobs offer a significant amount of flexibility allowing working mothers to take control of their schedules and doing meaningful and challenging work in their chosen professions. This puts them in a better control of their career and it gets easier for them to take required career breaks, as and when required. Not having a permanent job may seem daunting at first; it’s easy to become addicted to the freedom of doing temporary work when you want.

More Money: 

Many contract jobs pay better — some more than 20 percent better — than full-time jobs. There are some careers, including both vocational and professional positions like teaching, nursing, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, and consultancy work, which generally pay much more than the permanent equivalent.

Ease of Separation: 

Even if the contract job is not working out as expected, the contractor can terminate the relationship with little or no paperwork. On the other hand, resigning from a full-time, permanent job involves serving the notice period, cessation of benefits and other human resources requirements.

Varied work and experience:

Though a permanent job offers security and stability, it can at times be highly monotonous. Some people prefer the security that a permanent job offers, whereas other people would like to experience different workplaces and make new contacts. A contractor therefore is not tied to a particular workplace. 

Finally yet importantly, independent contractors make their own hours; decide when to work and who to work for. They do not depend on the success of a single business to produce income and meet their financial responsibilities.

Corporates Paving Ways for ‘Women on the Go’

Women are entering the workforce in unprecedented numbers. Yet a majority of percentage drops out within a decade, either after marriage or childbirth and slowly disappear from the job market permanently. 

With economy picking up the pace, companies are more inclined in expanding their core business and require specialized skills and talent. 

The trend toward contract jobs has been intensified by the depth of the talent war, with corporates trying to retain specialized talent with diversified skills amidst a plethora of job opportunities. Companies are now facilitating flexible work options via contract jobs to lure skilled female professionals back into the employment. 

Indeed, companies are offering attractive compensation and an opportunity to gain accreditations to retain contract staff and preventing them to be lured to full time positions elsewhere. 

Flexible work arrangements turn into a win-win situation for both the parties. Companies get skilled talent to work on their critical projects on a fixed stipend, while offering an opportunity to women to pursue their careers without compromising on family time.

Search for Contract jobs with the leading companies, including:

·         Collabera Technologies 

·         Triangle Global 

·         ITC Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. 

·         Starbus Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

·         Fathom Ideaware

·         Pavo Group 

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Women on the Go: Keep Careers Afloat, Alive

Managing a job while managing a family can be an uphill climb task for many working mothers. The question, “How should I keep my job, my family and my home all in order?” keeps bugging them. However, it now has an answer. Flexible work options can help you strike a comfortable balance between work and family, providing the required support for your responsibilities and career aspirations. 

Flexible work arrangements come in different forms. They may include a flexible start and end time, compressed or extended workweeks, or being able to ability to work from home. Given these variations, determine your career needs and base your decision accordingly. They look like good choices as part of working mothers’ search for work as they: 

1) Allow you to choose the work that is most appealing to you. Employee versus contractor status comes secondary.

2) Offer long-term career benefits not afforded to women who take the off from the job market completely.

3) Make the return to work enormously difficult as employers first look for recent paid employment. 

4) Offer significant professional flexibility to let you take control of your schedules and doing meaningful and challenging work in chosen professions.

5) Pave way for excellent work-life balance and allow to continue an upward career trajectory while caring for their family without compromising on either of them. 

6) Keep you updated about the industry developments and presents an opportunity to learn new skill sets and gain experience in another industry / sector. 

7) Let ease of separation: Even if the contract job is not working out as expected, the contractor can terminate the relationship with little or no paperwork

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Keeping Career Afloat & Alive

It is not impossible but definitely an uphill climb task to maintain a balance between one’s job and family. The question that looms in majority working women’s minds is How should I keep my job, my family and my home all in order? Today, workplaces are evolving and working mothers have choices which were unheard of in the past. Flexible work options and self-determination is the perfect combination to bring your career on track. 
You will have to strike a beautiful balance to maintain an orderly house while at the same time deliver job responsibilities and pursue career aspirations.
Flexible work arrangements as the name suggests include flexible start and end time, compressed or extended workweeks, work from home options, etc. If you are planning to join back workforce, then weigh the options to choose a workplace which best suits you. Some options that you should consider or ask a probable employer to include have been mentioned below:

  • Permanent vs Contract jobs: While looking for jobs entertain both permanent and contract job offers. Analyze what suits and appeals to you before making a commitment.  
  • Benefits: Before accepting any job offer, take some time out to study the benefits extended by the companies. Some companies offer medical benefits while others have a soft approach towards young working mothers. However, do not be too demanding as it might portray you as a difficult and obstinate personality.
  • Work from home flexibility: This is an important option. Your pursuit towards doing meaningful and challenging work should not be compromised because of some unforeseen situation. Work from home option allows you to fulfill your commitment to work even if it means working from your house.

It will be unwise to not mention that you too should step up in your deliveries and maintain a professional demeanor. A gap in work experience is almost always seen with some hesitation. The organization takes an enormous leap of faith while recruiting a young mother after a sabbatical.  You need to be proactive and committed towards your responsibilities. At the same time, do not step down on your salary during the negotiation process. Keep yourself updated on the latest industry developments and always show keen desire to learn new skills. 
Keeping a career afloat and robust is a two-way process. Be professional and insightful to stay ahead in the game. 

Getting the Promotion that you deserve

There’s good and bad news for women hoping to break through the glass ceiling. The good news is that women — with smarts, courage and sound advice – can change that by getting promoted and rising to the top. The bad news is that women still lose out to men when it comes to promotions and higher competitive salaries. To battle it out, Monster brings some tips from experts who have already arrived at the corner office:
Make Yourself ValuableYour boss will do whatever it takes to keep you on board if you make her look good by producing work fast and well. By finishing grunt work, solving problems, and improving or creating services and products, you will have an advantage over the competition. Make yourself valuable by picking up technical skills or honing your soft skills. Help people by using your skills to open doors in the long run and create relationships which will be helpful in future. 
Ask and Ye Shall ReceiveMen tend to speak up about their career goals, and women think their performance will speak for itself. Therefore, ask your boss what you need to do to qualify for your dream job. Then put those suggestions into action. If you’ve performed well on those tasks and your boss is satisfied, consider asking outright for a promotion. However, make sure your boss is in the right mindset before initiating the conversation.
Be a Risk TakerFollow opportunities and take chances. Have a great idea about a role you could fill for your company? Research it, write a proposal and present it to your boss. The company might be game. If nothing else, your superiors will notice your willingness to take initiative. As a result, they might remember you the next time they’re giving out bonuses or promoting people.
Laugh at YourselfHaving a sense of humor and refraining from taking yourself too seriously is an important part of succeeding in the workforce. Being likable requires you to be happy. Feeling satisfied and fulfilled means finding balance between your personal life and work as much as possible. Getting burned out won’t help you get promoted. 
Find PassionEnjoying your work is a great motivator.  So if you enjoy your work, present new ideas, take ownership and increase your responsibilities – your devotion will lead to a promotion. East/SEA/Hong Kong)