5 New trends in the marketing industry that smart firms should apply

Before finalizing your marketing strategy a firm should always see what’s new out there. Knowing about new trends and tools will never let you waste your time and money. As of now, marketing is the biggest factor in a company’s growth. Content helps advertiser connect with their customers and show your customers who you are. Here are some trends in marketing which will surely grab the attention of your audience on to your content:

New Trends in DM

Five new trends in marketing

Info-graphic Content

You might have heard of this ancient proverb ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, it still applies in the digital marketing world. Images are perfect if you want to make your content more interesting. In social media marketing, visualized content is the most important thing in their marketing strategy because people are more likely to read an infographic content rather than a plain content.

Micro –moment Marketing

 In this type of marketing, customer flow is divided into micro interaction moments, where a customer uses their digital device to learn, buy, search, discover, listen or watch. For example, a user also uses Google map location-based searches for finding bank near me which shows, user’s micro- behaviour. This concept of micro-moment marketing not just focuses on delivering your message to the user but also place a good significance on the timings.

Legitimate storytelling

Nowadays people are getting smarter, they are not just seeking content. They are also on the panorama for a personalized experience. Today’s user wants more than just promoting or advertising a product. Building an emotional connection with their audience is one of the new and popular trends in marketing.

Interactive content

Interactive content is the best way for firms to get connected and engaged with their customers. Interactive content builds brand reputation and also engage the audience in a meaningful relationship with your firm. User-generated content (UGC) will earn the trust of your future target customer. UGC includes reviews, ratings, comments and recommendations. Users are more willing to have faith in heartfelt recommendations and reviews.

Artificial Intelligence integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most trending tech in the Digital world. Marketers are also looking forward to using this technology in their marketing strategies. The rankbrain algorithm of Google, which is capable of understanding and responding to user queries in the same manner as a human being would do. Marketers are also integrating AI in efforts to amplify user experience. Marketers are also using chatbots and automation to complement their user engagement efforts, among other things.


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