5 types of negative reviews Google will remove

On the Google My Business Forum, we observe threads and themes from business owners who want Google to remove their negative reviews.

There are lots of situations where we can’t do anything in light of fact that the reviews don’t break the Google’s Review Guidelines, but there are also some scenarios where it is likely Google will remove the negative reviews.

Here are a number of real cases which will help anyone experiencing a similar situation.

Review case #1

There are numerous cases where an individual will create multiple profiles and will leave a review of his/her experience about a business he/she has an agenda against.


In this case, a business in Amsterdam received numerous one-star reviews from the same individual who was also sending them threatening emails.

Review case #2

Restaurants aside, it is uncommon for an individual to be a customer of multiple locations of the same business. When a single individual leaves a negative review for multiple locations of a business, that’s usually an indication of Review Manipulation.

review 2

Review case #3

This case includes a racist and illegal review left against a school. In this case, an individual has left a review claiming that the school offered him an illegal drug and affiliated with a racist organisation.

The review negated itself and appeared to be outlandish, so the review was removed.

review 3

Review case #4

Leaving a negative review for a current or former employer is against Google Review Guidelines. This strategy was just changed from current employees to both former and current employees.

review 4

 Review case #5

Here in this case, when you find a person leaving you a negative review while leaving your competitor a positive review, this is generally a sign that the person behind these reviews is the competitor.

review 5

In this example, the business below received several negative reviews in one day, while leaving a positive review for the same competitor. This types of review are also removed by Google.


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