Bridging the Gap between Online and Offline Marketing

A real war in today’s world is between Online and Offline shopping. Offline stores are not the only one who is struggling in this war, even online stores are struggling to keep their position in an already crowded market. Before we go further on bridging online and offline marketing, let’s dig out some knowledge about online and offline marketing.

online and offline marketing

Online marketing vs Offline marketing

Online marketing, also known as Digital marketing or Internet marketing, is a form of advertising or marketing which uses the internet and digital devices to deliver promotional messages to customers. Strategies used for Online Marketing are as follow: Search engine optimization, social media marketing, Email marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, Influencer marketing, content marketing and Lead generation.

Offline marketing is a process of creating brand awareness, generating leads and sales, and reaching the targeted audience. But there is no use of the internet or any digital device in this marketing proves. Methods used for Offline Marketing are as follow: Radio, Brochure, Flyers, Newspapers, Pamphlets, Television, billboards, Posters and Banners.

Bridging online and offline marketing

When it comes to online vs offline marketing, it’s not necessary that one should be better than other. One of the most important factors that a business has to take into account is the relation between online and offline marketing. Most businesses will first engage with their customers through social media, emails and website information. But we should never forget that physical holding of a business card, brochure or a pamphlet can result into benefits like client’s faith in your company, a client-centered approach which engenders loyalty and a “Real” aspect to your service or a product.

Benefits of bridging online and offline marketing:

  • Get your marketing to work in sync
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Effectively track and measure
  • Reach targeted audience

Foreseeing the pros of bridging online and offline marketing, many advertising agencies have commenced the application of both strategies to provide best customer services.


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