Everything you need to know about the new interface of Google Ads.

Google Ads is an online Advertising service, where advertisers spend to display service offering, product listings, concise advertisements and video content within the Google ad network to the web user. Don’t worry, the platform is not going anywhere. It’s just getting a new name with some updates.

Google Ads

The new Google Ads interface intended to help advertisers gain the insights required to drive the best performance in a high-level competitive market. This new interface of Google Ads encloses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence features that automate key optimizations.

Let’s take a look at the new interface of Google Ads and its automation features

Standard Dashboard

The first thing you will see after logging into Google Ads account is the Account Overview. This Account Overview will display standard performance metrics such as most shown ads, the new word appearing in recent searches, auction insights and other key metrics which will help advertisers perceive what overall account performance is.

The overall benefit of this standard dashboard is its ability for advertisers to quickly understand about the direction in which performance is trending, so optimization decision can be made more quickly.

standard dashboard

Recommendation Engine

The new vigorous Recommendations Engine recommends optimizations based on the campaign’s actual performance vs its goal. This Recommendation engine will also allow automatic optimizations that can be enforced with just a few clicks.

This recommendation engine has the ability to view recommendations segmented by categories such as keyword and targeting, extensions and ads, budgets and bids, and some fixes that need to be made.

recommendation engine

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboard is another benefit of the new interface which will allow advertisers to create a dashboard which can be matched in any combination in intent to show a real-time dashboard.

This dashboard helps advertisers to customize reporting and track it in real time. This will help advertisers to put all their tactics and strategies together in intent to meet performance goals.

custom dashboard

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