Getting Started

How do I register as a contributor/photographer?

Kindly register and create an account at the Registration Page.           

During the registration process make sure you check the box entitled ‘Sign-up as 123RF photographer/contributor’           and fill up your details accordingly.           Next head over to the Upload Images page and agree to the Photo Contributor Agreement.

When am I considered an approved contributing photographer at 123RF?

You are officially an 123RF contributor once you have uploaded a valid form of ID documentation and have passed the initial 10 images which you’ve submitted. Once your application is approved, you may upload more images as any of our existing Contributors.

What’s the royalty structure at 123RF?

The Royalty structure and commissions depend on your contributor level.
Please refer to the structure and royalty calculations here.

How can the images I contribute to 123RF be used? Are there any restrictions?

You may refer to the allowed commercial uses as statement in our various End User License Agreements (EULA). As a rule of thumb, all EULAs restricts the content that you submit to us from being used in connection with any pornographic, obscene, immoral, defamatory or illegal materials; endorsement of product(s); sensitive mental/health/other similar aspect of contexts or subjects.

I just registered as a photographer. What should I do next?

Please remember to upload your ID to us at Then upload a minimum of 10 images/illustrations of your work to us at for initial review

Why does it take so long to review my images?

Please check that you have uploaded your ID for verification:, or you could check your status by emailing


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