Google, Amazon and Reliance Jio among India’s Most Influential Brands

Today, Business has changed. Technology has given commerce an almighty shake. Every brand and profession has been impacted by broadly available technology. With the right technology, mindset and strategy you can establish a profitable sphere and become influential within it.

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Google has become India’s most Influential brand while e-commerce giant Amazon and telecom major Reliance Jio follow in the second and third position respectively. Ipsos, a research firm, recently conducted this research for the most influential brands in India. Ipsos conducted over 36,000 interviews of around 1000 Indians, who were using more than 90 brands, in the top metros in the country. This influential brands ranking are based on parameters like customer engagement, trustworthiness and leading edge among their customers.

Executive director at Ipsos India, Jyoti Malladi said, “Influential brands impact our daily lives by providing meaning or purpose and reflecting our personal values. An evolving consumer landscape, technology enablers and the consumer’s changing preferences tend to place the different brands on varying influence standing for consumers.”

Most of the brands that have reserved their places in the list of Most Influential Brands (MIB) top list are majorly from e-tailing and technology space. Top 6 brands in MIB list are followed by Google, Amazon, Reliance Jio, Facebook, Flipkart and Samsung. Patanjali, a Fast- moving Consumer goods (FMCG) brand has made it in the list of MIB at the 7th position this year. As compared to previous year, Patanjali has lost three ranks probably indicating that its influence is abating at least to some context.

India’s Top 10 Most Influential Brands

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Reliance Jio
  • Facebook
  • Flipkart
  • Samsung
  • Patanjali
  • Microsoft
  • iPhone
  • Apple

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