Google is about to launch its own smart display in sometime

Out of more than 50 million Alexa gadgets sold, less than 500,000 have been the Echo Show, as per Canalys. That’s partly because gadget fails to satisfy the guarantee of a “smart speaker with a screen.”

google smart devide

Lenovo smart Display with Google Assistant has been reviewed well, with Echo show as a reference point. This gadget of Lenovo is not just a tablet with a speaker. It provides a more “optimized experience” for the form factor.

It can do a few things well (e.g., visual view of recipes), yet it can’t do what a little tablet can. In that lies the issue and the opportunity: to make something that is significantly more like an iPad in landscape mode with an extraordinary speaker, however not just a tablet on its side. Amazon’s Fire Tablet Charging Dock is a tablet in landscape mode yet without great a sound.

Presently, Google seems to be directly entering the market with its own smart gadget. As per Nikkie Asian Review, “Google will release its own device in time for holiday shopping this year. In the same way that Google shook up the tablet market in 2012 with its early Nexus tablet ($199), it could do the same for smart displays with its own unit. Pricing, quality and features will determine whether it succeeds. It will need to be priced below $200 and function more like a tablet than an Echo Show, plus provide great sound. That’s the recipe for a successful product in this category.”

If this smart gadget does gain traction, then it will be more beneficial for the brands and marketers.


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