Google Marketing Live: Google announces fully automated campaigns and ads for local shopping and more

During the live-streamed keynote at Google Marketing Live 2018, Google announces about the new features coming up in Google’s Digital Advertising suite, all of which are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

google marketing live

As we are entering into new and more automated phase, every feature or product release from Bing Ads and Google Ads has had AI and Machine Learning behind it. Automation in campaign management is now no longer limited to certain aspects such as dynamic headlines and bidding. Now every facet of a campaign— targeting, bidding and creative can be automated based on few inputs from the advertiser.

Initially there were Dynamic search ads, currently, there are Responsive search ads. Initially there were Universal App campaigns, currently, there are Local App campaigns. These new campaign types deliver ads across Google’s ad inventory: Display, Search, Maps, Youtube, Apps and so on.

Here’s the synopsis of announcements.

Responsive search ads

Google’s new responsive search ads have the ability to run and test multiple combinations of descriptions and headlines simultaneously using AI and Machine learning. This new responsive search ad will emancipate advertiser’s valuable time from repetitive A/B testing, as well as improve overall performances by showing most relevant ads more frequently.

responsive ad

While discussing Google’s responsive ads, Jessie Dearien, VP, Head of  Paid search at iProspect, said, “We continue to see evolution in Google’s advertising platform that lend themselves to further automation, and Google’s Responsive Search Ads is just that. This tool furthers advertisers’ abilities to create relevance at scale in the SERP by automating part of the ad development process.” As agency iProspect is among those that have been testing Responsive search ads with clients. “Prospect’s clients are seeing strong positive responses across the board, even reaching CTR improvements of +20 per cent and correspondingly lower CPC. Google’s commitment to continually evolving their tool set provides new, powerful solutions for advertisers who lean into the changes,” she added.

Local Campaigns

Google‘s new campaign type called Local campaign is proposed to drive store visits. In this new ad campaign, the only thing advertisers need to do is, set their budget. Based on ad creative elements from the advertiser and location extensions, ads will be automatically generated.

local campaign

Local campaign’s goal is to drive traffic to the stores from the ads. And these campaigns are not designed specifically for Small or Medium-sized Business (SMB), as are Smart Campaigns. These new campaigns report to store visits using aggregated and anonymised data from the Google signed-in users who have turned on their location history.

Smart Shopping Campaigns goals & Shopify

Along with the rebranding, Google Ads is coming with a new campaign called Smart Shopping campaign. This new campaign will allow small firms to create their own social media campaigns and elaborate advertising through the use of automated targeting and machine learning.

smart shopping campaign

Additional updates include Advance bid adjustments, more visualised reporting, promotion extension, overview cards and a new User Interface.

Google is also teaming up with Shopify, a third-party e-commerce platform. Initially, Users of Shopify will be able to directly set up their Smart shopping Campaign from within Shopify.


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