You must have noticed a change in Google Analytics Homepage. It now shows Google Analytics 360 Suite for enterprise marketers. As the caption says “it is a set of integrated data and marketing logical products, designed specifically for the enterprise marketers.”

Yet there hasn’t been any official announcements, but it seems that Google Analytics 360 Suite replaces Analytics Premium platform.

This step proves to be a part of Google’s mission to enable understanding of consumer behaviour better, getting the right insights, and then providing people with more attractive brand experiences.
Other famous Google analytics updates:
* New Admin API: The ability to create users, adjust permissions and arrange view settings (like goals) all via an API. With this new API these platforms can automatically create Google Accountsand configure them when a customer signs up for service. This means less work installing and configuring Google Accountsfor the end user.

*The analytics ABC’s: A new report format that groups data based on user acquisition, user behaviour and business outcomes. Google Analytics reports are now divided into Acquisition, behaviour and Outcomes. And Audience – but AABC’s doesn’t make as much sense.

* Understand your audience with demographic data: The addition of your site user’s demographic data into Google Analytics. Understanding who our users are is also critical. Knowing things like gender, age and interests can help us expand our marketing strategy and drive specific tactics, like generating creative.

* New Auto-event tracking: The ability to track almost every website action, like clicks and form submissions without any additional JavaScript. Auto event tracking eliminates all of the JavaScript. There are a series of new tags in Google Tag Manager that will automatically listen for user actions and, if you want, capture those actions. Then you can collect the data with Google Analytics or any other tool.

* Analytics Academy: A huge, open, online course for digital analytics and Google Analytics. Our goal is to train everyone that wants to learn digital analytics and Google Analytics. Each analytics academy course is a series of video lessons and quizzes designed to teach the basics of digital analytics.


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