The ways in which a website is designed has started to change. There are a lot of new features, widgets, and plugins available on the internet which you can add on your website. Here is a list of some of the latest trends which you should follow for getting the maximum hits on your website –
* Earlier it was believed that sliders are a good way of getting more visits on your website. But then it was found from various studies that a very less number of people get attracted to the sliders on the website.

* Try to look for certain creative images which match the content of your website and look good for your overall content. Stop using the stock images which are already on the blogging platforms and start searching for new ones.

* Since everyone has started using the internet at great speeds, nobody wants that the websites should take a lot of time while opening up on their browser. You should make your websites in such a way that they don’t take much time while opening in the browser or else you will lose your visitors.

* Make sure that the visual appeal of your website is really strong. Add some visual content on your website so that the visitors can relate with the content more easily. It is better that you start working on finding some great visual content for your website.

* Since a lot of people have started using the internet on their mobiles, you should make sure that the website is mobile friendly and opens up easily on the mobiles of net users.
These were some of the basic tips which will help you by giving your website a whole new dimension and enhance its reach.



Expanded Text Ads are one of the numerous huge AdWords changes that Google announced on the 29th of July, 2016. Yes, and we still can’t believe that Google will soon actually increase its ad text limits by 2x!
So, what will be the change? Well, here are the things advertisers and agencies need to know about Expanded Text Ads:
What Are Expanded Text Ads?
Expanded text ads are 2x bigger than the usual text ads. The new ads are designed to maximize your visibility on mobile search results with bigger headline and longer description. Google started texting these ads in Q2 of 2016.
Reason for this change
Google titles this as the biggest change to text ads in last 15 years.
In February, 2016, google killed off right side ads on desktop so, keeping that moderation in mind, this change seems like a natural advancement from the super-sized headlines which were introduced in 2011.
– Size of these Expanded ads
These are 2x bigger in size or precisely 47 percent bigger than the usual today’s text ads. You will now have 140 characters of ad copy space for usage.
Headlines of expanded ads
You will have two 30 – character headlines when expanded text ads become available.
The headlines will soon increase by 140 percent!
Descriptions of expanded ads
In comparison to the current limit of two 35 – character, you will now have one 80 – character description line. That means, the descriptions will increase by 14 percent.
Change in the Display URLs
To enhance the display URL, you can now add up to two paths.
AdWords will extract the domain from the final URL.
Effect on CTR
More text means greater visibility. Reports indicate that Expanded Text Ads are seeing CTR increase by 20 percent. It is expected that increase in the character count of headlines and description will result in more clicks.

When the New Ads roll out is expected?
There is no official revelation regarding the access to Expanded Text Ads yet. However, we will keep our blog updated with the latest developments.
What is to be done to prepare for these Ads?
You will have to start raising your quality scores now! There is a lot of ad text optimization to be done. To take the advantage of this new arrangement, you have to make sure that all your ad texts are rewritten.
Google is giving you 2x more space, utilize it for your best.


Attention Advertisers! Google brings a great news for you all! Google has officially launched the expanded text ads for AdWords platform. Now you have a chance to brag about your product in a larger way. The double heading ads have started to roll out for all sorts of devices to grab the maximum span of customers online. This latest and the most of the awaited offering by Google comes with the option of device bidding and responsive display ads for native. This surprise was first announced at Google Performance Summit held in May.

According to Sudeep Jai, the person who oversees text ads at Google explained that the existing ads would be appearing alongside the expanded ads. However, you will not be able to see any of the standard ads after October 26, 2016, as the option of uploading standard text ads will no longer be available. Google has not declared any dates for the vanishing of the standard ads but has given enough time to the advertisers to make sure that they have enough time to test and get used to the expanded ad fashion.

The expanded ads will include two headlines, each containing 30 characters and a description of up to 80 characters. Google has said that that the extra copy was designed so that the mobile users get more information and cite and average bump of 20% in CTR during the early tests conducted. Though there are some complaints about the second headline of the ad to get truncated, AdWords has suggested using maximum 33 characters in order to avoid their headlines getting chopped off online. The advertisers can preview their ads before publishing them online.

Advertisers can set the base bid adjustments for various platforms like mobile, tablet and desktop. Google will generate responsive ads as well from a headline, description, image and URL provided by the advertisers.


As an esteemed Google Partner Agency, Green Web Media was invited to the exclusive event- Partners Spotlight on 12th July 2016 from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM. Our team joined the event to discuss innovations in digital marketing and got a chance to network with the peers where we participated with Michael O’Shea, Director, Sales, Google APAC, and other leaders from Google India to discuss how digital marketing can drive your business.
As a selected Google Partner agency, in the Sales Master class that took place in Google Office, Gurgaon between 26-27 July, Green Web Media discussed selling digital advertising and requirement of baseline understanding of AdWords combined with advanced skills in prospecting and closing. Sales Master class was focused on helping sales professionals in enhancing skills in pitching, pricing, and negotiating with their clients. We contributed our ideas towards building a scalable and sustainable sales function through sales cycles and sales philosophies.


Advertising on the online domain has become the next big thing in this world. Every company, organization, or any other entity wishes to come up with their online ads in order to enhance their visibility and the reach of their product. Since the penetration or the usage of internet has reached sky high, Online Advertising has proven to become a highly effective and efficient way of communicating with the potential clients and customers worldwide. This is the reason why Video Advertising has gained a push and has become a necessity for promotion on the internet. But then in order to make your online ads catchy and attractive, you have to make sure that you incorporate certain major dimensions which will make your video ads highly compelling. Here are the tips to video advertising –

1. Educate with your video ads – you should realize the fact that everyone on the World Wide Web is having the motive to learn something with the help of videos. So it is important that you include an educational approach while designing your video ads.
2. The information of the website – your video ad will not prove to be of any use unless there is the inclusion of the complete information of your website. Include a link to the landing page of your website.
3. The impact of testimonials – adding testimonials helps in building confidence and draws more attention. You should include the testimonials of your previous and loyal customers who are enjoying the benefits of being associated with your organization or whose lives have changed after buying your products.
4. The duration of the video – you should be careful about the duration of the video as you should be able to generate the interest of the audience in a short period of time. Nobody is ready to spend too much time on any video ad. So make sure that you grab the attention in the beginning itself.

Online Video Advertising is a really amazing way to connect with people around the globe. You should use the full potential of this technology but with intelligence.


Amazon’s Echo smart speakers or the Alexa Voice Assistants have become immensely popular right from the time they were launched. And now Twitter has joined the league to make everyone’s life much easier. The new Twitter Reader app has been rolled out by the online social platform which will now make the Alexa Voice Assistant and Echo Speakers read all your Twitter feeds. This is the first time that a leading online social platform has joined hands with Alexa and come up with an app. But then the concept of this app has been derived by the Twitter News team as Twitter Reader is just an audible news reader.

In addition to reciting the news on people’s timelines, the app does the job of reciting all the topics which are trending on Twitter based on the location of the user or some other place. The users can then ask the app to recite some examples of tweets which are based on those trending topics. You can ask if anyone has mentioned you on their tweets and what the is the tweet done by that person which is addressing or includes you. Plus, you can ask for your own retweets and likes on Twitter. Basically, Alexa will now speak the Twitter language.

But then the fact that Twitter has plans to earn more profits with this joint venture with Alexa has not been established till yet. The Twitter Spokespersons have refrained from talking anything further about the Twitter Reader, including the answer to whether the app would be reading the promoted tweets as well which are between the normal tweets that appear in a user’s timeline or the list of all the trending tweets.

A lot of tech bloggers have suggested that it probably won’t be able to make it all as the app is likely to be using the API of Twitter. There is no inclusion of Promoted Tweets when taking out tweets from a person’s timeline or from the other ends. If that is the deal then it would be considered a bad decision by Twitter.


Facebook has become the primary digital marketing platform. Almost every new business which is born in the market goes to Facebook for promoting itself across the globe. Thanks to the incredible reach of the platform which disseminates information with a fast pace to a wide expanse of people, who are actually the potential customers. And now tracking your audience interaction like the number of clicks, page views, likes, comments and shares has become much easier with the help of Facebook’s new and upcoming Average Watchtime Metrics feature.

This new feature has been devised by the social media giant so that the page admins can take an extensive look at the Organic Videos and video ads which are uploaded on Pages. You will be able to get the complete stats with this new feature that divides the number of times people watched a video with the number of times the video was played. It doesn’t matter whether the video was played automatically or was played after being clicked. It sounds quite simple but there is a catch. Facebook will keep a count of the video play only once when someone will watch the video within a time period of 30 minutes. This is defined as User Session, which means that the replays will not be counted within this time frame.

This is a little confusing because everyone would think that the average watch time means that how long the people will watch a video. But this is not what Facebook is taking into consideration here. The company actually plans to take note of those users who would watch a video more than once. This was a request made by the advertisers to Facebook that they wish to note the repeated views as that would be a better way to calculate the popularity of the video on the platform. But still, it is something new and will surely upgrade the world of online analytics.


According to a new report from Nanigans, a social ad automation company, there has been significant growth in both YoY Facebook ad expenditure as well as on the overall Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). An average increase of +249 percent YoY in ad expenditure was shown in Q3 2016. Furthermore, in comparison to 2015, the average ROAS was also up by 26 percent.
Facebook’s expanded Audience Network was one of the main drivers of this increment. In Q2 2016, brands were also allowed to reach out to non-Facebook users with Facebook adding up video ads to the Audience Network in May. This has opened up the scope for even more types of ad. The off-Facebook audience network expenditure has shown an increment of about four percent from Q2 to Q3 2016. As click-through rates (CTR) rose by 37 percent in the same period, the inventory quality has also not suffered clearly.
A new Global CTR high of around 1.66 percent is another notable Q3 metric. Also, there has been a large drop in the average CPC with clicks dropping to $0.36. This is the lowest figure that has ever been recorded by the Nanigans.
This data has been extracted from the delivery of $600 million that has been spent on the Nanigans platform. As per the Nanigans, most of these advertisers have been the direct response ones. These advertisers majorly hail from the progressive fields of gaming and e-commerce. After tracking all the expenditures, it has been found that 96 percent of it came from mobile app install ads, unpublished page post ads, dynamic ads and domain ads.
The earning figures conclude the new trend in the market indicating how Facebook is continuing with its strategy of bulking up ad offerings, with advertisers paying up to witness the results.


Who could’ve thought of sun glasses that can be used for video recording? There is a lot of buzz about the newly launched Snap Inc’s spectacles, especially amongst the youngsters. Soon after they went for sale, there was a lot of excitement in people to try their hands on them.
Here’s is a little brief of what all they hold for us –
They are the first camera Snap’s ever made and certainly aren’t a normal pair of spectacles, they’re really different from the usual ones.
They are a camera for your face but, not a simple and normal one that takes normal videos. Spectacles actually shoot circular videos. Well, isn’t that exciting?
The camera is strategically placed next to the right lens and there is a light-up recording indicator light next to the left lens.
There’re two yellow buttons and the button above the left lens in for recording videos.
Looking at such amazing features that hold for us, they’re certainly a hands-free way of shooting mostly normal snaps.
And that’s not it, they have a lot more in store for us, the videos that are shot using spectacles can have text, emojis and filters just like all other normal snaps and videos, but not lenses.
So, what is the biggest difference? Well, the users can rotate their phones while watching them. But for the viewers who want to see snaps that are spectacles-shot, the creators will need to have the spectacles on. Not really sure about how many people will be willing to do that or find it convenient. But looking at the huge number of people queuing up in front of Snapbot vending machine so that they can soon try their hands on these spectacles, they certainly look like an item which is worth for the collectors.


Read on to know about six email marketing manipulations and the reasons why subscribers are being misguided –
1. You just cannot start a relationship assuming that people who’re not interested in receiving your email are stupid or lazy. Using passive-aggressive language and trying to guilt your prospect customers can do a lot of damage to your brand.
2. Making email opt-ins a mandatary checkout process stands a risk of losing the prospect customers. You wouldn’t want to frustrate your buyers by spamming their mailbox right?
3. Emails from unknown senders stand a high risk of being reported as spam. People first look at the sender’s name and if it is an unknown one, they tend to delete it even before reading the subject line. So, use your brand’s name for better engagement.
4. Misleading subject lines can generate curiosity and get you clicks but, irrelevant messages are the prime cause of opt-outs among all age groups. Instead, consider using subject lines which are supported by descriptive preview text.
5. Trying to trick mail boxes into retabbing your emails may increase your visibility but you’re brand is less likely to be welcomed by your prospects. Hence, let your prospects manage their inbox and if they need your information, they’ll find your emails easily.
6. Hiding unsubscribe links is another mistake that most brands make, When people find it difficult to unsubscribe, they’re most likely to use never-fail button. Spam complaints can be more damaging than unsubscribes.