Just 20% in state have access to Hemophilia treatment

Just 20% in state have access to Hemophilia treatment

Though treatment for haemophilia is free of cost at government hospitals in Karnataka, just 20% of individuals suffering from the condition have access to it. 

According to Vikash Goel, president, Hemophilia Federation (India), a large population is still undiagnosed, leading to complications and untimely deaths. “Even the medical fraternity is not aware of haemophilia and its diagnosis, especially in rural areas,” adds Goel. 

In Karnataka, the treatment for haemophilia was regularised in 2017. About 2,645 patients are treated free of charge in government hospitals at a cost of Rs 15 crore per year. Dr Swatantra Banakar, deputy director, blood safety, Health and Family Welfare Service, says the number of patients is increasing every year. “The treatment is for life where blood factors are given in the form of injections. The drugs are mainly imported, procured through tenders,” he adds. 

According to Dr Cecil Ross, a haematologist at St John’s hospital, early diagnosis and access to treatment are giving children a near normal childhood. “Proper physiotherapy plays an important part in ensuring that they remain active and healthy. The current standard is to treat all children with regular replacement therapy — prophylactic infusions of clotting factor concentrates to prevent bleeding,” he says.

There is a need to create awareness about haemophilia through education, knowledge sharing and information exchanges, says Dr Anoop P, senior consultant in haematology and pediatric hemato-oncology, Apollo Hospitals. “If haemophilia is not diagnosed early, the repeated bleeding into joints, bones and muscles may lead to synovitis, arthritis and permanent joint deformities. The bleeding itself can lead to wasting and atrophy of muscles,” he points out.

What is haemophilia?

Haemophilia is a bleeding disorder where the person suffers from defective clotting protein and requires external blood factors to avoid bleeding in case of an injury. Based on the clotting factor the disease is categorised into haemophilia A and haemophilia B. Patients with severe haemophilia A constitute nearly 70% of the sufferers. It occurs in one in 5,000 males while haemophilia B is seen in one in 20,000. Though considered an inherited disease, around 30% of patients do not have any history of family members with haemophilia, making it very difficult to identify the condition.


Pregnant Sameera Reddy flaunts baby bump in floral dress on lunch date. See pics

Pregnant Sameera Reddy flaunts baby bump in floral dress on lunch date. See pics
  • Pregnant Sameera Reddy was recently spotted enjoying a lunch date with her son Hans Varde.
  • For the day out with her adorable son, Sameera, who is pregnant with her second child, donned a gorgeous floral summer dress.
  • The actor opted for a pink striped floral shirt dress, with front-tie detail.
  • She styled her look with open tresses, sunnies, black slip-ons and minimal jewellery.
  • Sameera looked radiant as ever with plum lips and minimal make-up.

Ameesha Patel makes heads turn in classic striped shirt and denims with Rs 1.2 lakh bag. See pics

Ameesha Patel makes heads turn in classic striped shirt and denims with Rs 1.2 lakh bag. See pics
  • Ameesha Patel was recently spotted at the Mumbai airport.
  • For her airport look, the actress wore a checkered pink shirt.
  • She matched her top with a pair of boyfriend jeans.
  • She accessorised her look with black oversized sunnies and a LV backpack that costs Rs 1,24,933 (USD 1800).
  • Ameesha completed her look with a pair of white Gucci sneakers that cost Rs 76,348 (USD 1100).
  • We are a fan of the casual look that Ameesha is going for

Egypt Fails to Inform MEA of 3 Indians Detained at Port for Months

Egypt Fails to Inform MEA of 3 Indians Detained at Port for Months

Three Indian merchant navy personnel have spent four months in custody in Egypt and the Indian government only found out about their situation less than a week ago.

Till 10 April, the Egyptian authorities, sources suggest, failed to inform Indian authorities about the arrest of the three crew members or their condition. Even now, a week later, they have not received any official communication from the authorities in Egypt and have not yet been granted consular access to visit the Indians stranded. The passports of the crew have been confiscated and they have not been allowed to step off the ship since last December.

A Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) official on Wednesday, 17 April, told The Quint that it was “very odd” that Indian authorities in Egypt were kept in the dark for four months.

The family of 30-year-old Charanya KN Venugopal, residents of Bengaluru, have been in touch with him since the day the detention began. According to them, the crew, including Charanya, initially believed they would be let off soon after a procedural delay. The family decided to reach out to MEA officials and the Indian embassy in Cairo when the detention entered its fourth month in April.

While Egyptian authorities are yet to declare why the ship was detained, the captain, in a letter dated 13 April, wrote that they had been held “without providing any legal reason.”

Vienna Convention States Consular Officers to be Informed ‘Without Delay’

According to Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR), in the event that a national of country A is arrested, committed to custody or prison or detained in any other way in country B, the competent authorities of country B are to inform the consular officers of country A about this without delay. Any communication addressed to the officers of country A by the national is also to be immediately conveyed, with the authorities of country B also required to inform the detained person of his rights in the situation.

It also notes that consular officers have the right to visit the national who is in prison or detention, converse with them and to arrange legal representation for that person. This is what is known as ‘consular access’, and was also the core issue at play in India’s case against Pakistan at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding Kulbhushan Jadhav.

The VCCR has been ratified by both India and Egypt, which means both countries are bound to comply with the requirements of Article 36. This means that the Indian embassy should have been informed about the detention of the three men “without delay”.

Further, the MEA confirmed to The Quint that as of 17 April, a week after they first found out about the incident, they have still not been able to visit the ship or interact with the Indians held.

“We are waiting for a response from the Egyptian authorities, without that, we cannot establish consular access. Ideally, yes, the Indian embassy should have been informed since there is an Indian national involved. It is very odd for the embassy to be in the dark for four months,”

MEA sources

The Quint has independently written to the Egyptian embassy in New Delhi and the story will be updated as and when they respond.

Charanya was on Duty Since Dec 2017, Supposed to Return Soon: Family

Charanya Venugopal on duty.(Photo: The Quint)

After trying several channels since the beginning of the month, Charanya Venugopal’s uncle, Jagannathan NS said that he had received a call from the complaint registration wing of the MEA on Tuesday, 16 April, asking for additional details. An MEA official also assured Jagannathan that the ministry was in touch with the Indian embassy there and were actively pursuing the case.

The family has been in touch with Charanya through WhatsApp since December, speaking to him intermittently as and when he gets internet access. Charanya had been working in the merchant navy for the past three years, and was under the current contract since December 2017. Based in Dubai, working with a company called Al Safeena Al Bahria Shipping FZE, Charanya would make frequent trips to Syria, Egypt and other places in the region.

“Initially, he told us that they were stranded but were safe and would be released soon. Each time we could speak, he would say another week-ten days. That’s what their employer was communicating to them. He told us such delays were normal, it’s like standing in a traffic jam, pay fine and get released, he said. But when we spoke to him in the beginning of April, he sounded upset and affected for the first time.”

Jagannathan NS

Sensing that something was amiss, they began sending out feelers by emailing MEA officials, tweeting to Sushma Swaraj, contacting the Indian embassy in Cairo and seeking clarity from the employers, based in Dubai.

In an email response, the Indian embassy in Egypt, informed the family that they had not been made aware of the detention of the ship and the presence of Indian crew members on board, despite this being required under international law.

Shipping Company has not Helped: Family

The ‘crew department’ of Al Safeena Al Bahria Shipping, with which Charanya is contracted, initially claimed – incorrectly – that no documentation of the crew had been confiscated, while replying to Jagannathan’s queries.

When probed further about involving government authorities to expedite the process, they informed him that the ‘owners don’t require any help from any third party apart from the lawyers in the case.’

Ship Captain Alleged ‘Violation of Fundamental Human Rights’ in Letter

Not just Indians, the 31-member crew also includes Sri Lankans, Filipinos, Ukrainians, Russians and one person from Azerbaijan.

On 13 April, the captain of the ship, Nesterenko Vitaliy from Ukraine, wrote a letter to the authorities of the nations to which the crew members belong, stating that the crew and their families were going through ‘unimaginable stress, fear for our lives, our safety and well-being.’

The letter states that the crew had been detained ‘without providing any legal reason’.

It also stated that the crew members had been caused ‘severe physical, psychological and financial damage’ due to not being allowed to leave the ship for the last four months.

The hot looks of Tanvi Vyas will definitely shock you

Tanvi Vyas is an Indian film actress, model and designer. He was born on September 30, 1985 in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Tanvi Vyas also works mainly for the Kollywood Film Industry and Hindi and Tamil Films.

The hot looks of Tanvi Vyas will definitely shock you

Third party image reference

She started his acting career with the Tamil film ‘Apedi Manasukkul Vantai’ (2012).

Third party image reference

Tanvi Vyas is a South Indian actress. She became popular for the role of ‘Mithra’ on the Tamil film ‘Epidi Manasukkal Vanchai’. Telugu film ‘Ninem Chinna Pilinda?’ (2013) and his role in the Hindi film ‘A Scandal’ (2016) as ‘Anshu’, his other remarkable work, ‘Swapan’.

Third party image reference

Apart from acting, he was also a graphic designer and he was crowned Femina Miss India Earth 2008 in Mumbai.

Third party image reference

Tanvi Vyas was born in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. His father’s name is JKVIS, a doctor and his mother’s name is Vijaya Vyas. He studied degree in graphic design from Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara. Tanvi Vyas is unmarried and her zodiac is bent.

Third party image reference

Third party image reference

Most beautiful wives of Bhojpuri stars, All are scatty about “Number 3”

Today we tell you about Bhojpuri stars which look quite simple on the screen.

Most beautiful wives of Bhojpuri stars, All are scatty about

Third party image reference: ideatvnews.com

But in real life, they have very beautiful wives. So let’s know about these Bhojpuri stars.

Third party image reference: dailyhunt.in

1. Manoj Tiwari – Manoj Tiwari has earned a lot of name in politics as well as Manoj Tiwari’s wife is very beautiful, Manoj Tiwari has divorced his wife Rani.

Third party image reference: india.com

2. Khesari Lal Yadav – Khesari Lal Yadav is a very big star of the Bhojpuri industry. Khesari Lala Yadav married Kajal Raghwani, whose wife is one of the most beautiful actresses.

Third party image reference: dailyhunt.in

3. Dinesh Lal Yadav – Dinesh Lal Yadav won the hearts of millions of people from his acting. Dinesh Lal Yadav was married to Pakhi Hegde in 2000. Pakhi Hegde is also very beautiful.

How to unmask people targeting your website with a negative SEO campaign

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine result page. SEO comes with two views: Positive SEO and Negative SEO.

negative seo

Positive Search Engine Optimization is a process to positively impact ranking for a URL, by manipulating a variable within the content, links or user signal areas.

Negative Search Engine Optimization is a process to negatively impact ranking for a URL, by manipulating a variable within the content, links or user signal areas.

Who is attacking you?

There are several ways to unmask the people targeting your website with a negative SEO attack. The first way to find out attacker starts with you, depending on the type of attack you are experiencing. However they are attacking you, you will need to gather some information in order to shut them out.

Let’s have a look at some common attack methods and learn how to defend them.

Injected content and links

Content injection also referred to as content spoofing, is an attack targeting a user made possible by an injection vulnerability in a web application. If an attacker has managed to inject content or link to your existing website, you will need access to your server logs to determine which IP was used for the link or content injection. Moreover, attackers forget to proxy themselves, giving you a glimpse of where they are coming from.

Comment Spam

Comment spanning is a process of commenting irrelevant content to someone’s blog for a sole purpose of dropping a link to the spammer’s website. Comment spamming can be done in two ways: manually or by using a spamming software.

This attack method is pretty easy to spot and easier to fix. You just have to turn off your comment unless you definitely need them. Or else you can add stronger CAPTCHA’s and spam traps like Akismet.com.


This attacking method can be hard to notice until a lot of damage has been done. Hotlinking is a practice that can negatively affect your site’s performance since people embed your images on their site by linking directly to them. This practice uses your bandwidth, which makes offenders easy to discover by looking at traffic coming in via your analytics and data usage in your raw logs. The domains hosting your images can be exported into an attackers list.

Facebook India’s revenue jumps to 43% at 177 Crore

With the increasing usage of Social Media and smartphones, Facebook India clocked revenue of 177 Crores in financial year 2016 as compared to 123 Crores in 2015, a rise of approximately 43%!

facebook revenue 2016

In spite of low internet speeds and no internet availability in various parts of the country, India is the second largest market for Facebook after US. In the last one year, 28 million Indians have joined Facebook while it added Hindi and 11 other regional Indian languages on it’s platform.

According to eMarketer, a research company from New York, digital marketing accounted for 12.6% of total ad spend in India. Companies across various verticals like Banking, E-commerce, Retail, Real Estate, Mobile Phone manufacturers, Car manufacturers, Service Providers are increasingly adopting various forms of online marketing including Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, SEO etc to increase their digital presence and create a strong brand presence across online and offline media. Hindustan Unilever allocates 10% of its total marketing budget in Digital Media which includes Google, Facebook and other social media.

While traditional forms of advertising like print advertising, transit advertising, outdoor activities occupy the major market share, social media marketing is slowly catching up with many startups and firms looking for affordable and targeted advertising which fits according to their budgets while reaching its targeted customers at the right time.

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Amazon Launches 2-hour Grocery Delivery Service in Delhi & Mumbai

Amazon Now, the 2 hour grocery delivery service has been launched in Delhi and Mumbai after a very successful response in Bengaluru.

Amazon Now

Using Amazon Now, customers can order every day essentials like fruits, vegetables etc. The order will be delivered within 2 hours. The Amazon Now app can be downloaded from the Play Store here.

“Amazon Now has witnessed an amazing uptake by customers in Bengaluru. The positive response prompted us to expand to Delhi and Mumbai, to be able to service our customers in these cities too and enable them to shop for their everyday essentials and get them delivered within two-four hours.”

Amazon India Category Leader Saurabh Srivastava said.

In Bengaluru, you can get free delivery of your groceries if the order value is more than Rs.350. For orders less than Rs.350, Rs.29 is charged for normal delivery or Rs.49 for express delivery. However, in Mumbai and Delhi there no charges on delivery fee.

Source: Ad Age India

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Flipkart launches a new ad platform, ‘Shopper Audience network’ in partnership with hotstar

E-commerce platform Flipkart has created a confederation with the streaming platform hotstar to launch a video ad platform named Shopper Audience network.

Shopper Audience network will allow brands to connect with their customers via TrueIntent video ads on hotstar. TrueIntent video ads are the ads which occur before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet. By using this platform, brands can easily connect to the 150 million users of hotstar.

Flipkart hotstar shopper audience network

Explaining about this partnership, Prakash Sikaria, Senior Director, who heads the company’s digital ads business of Flipkart, said, “Understanding our customers better than anyone else has always been one of Flipkart’s core strengths, and these insights help marketers in their ad journey, on our platform. This partnership further leverages the intent-based understanding and couples it with hotstar’s platform to create an unparalleled offering in the ads industry in India.”

Illustrating on this new platform, Prabh Singh, EVP, hotstar, said, “In hotstar, marketers today have access to a large audience deeply engaged and paying attention. Brands that advertise on hotstar are seeing the power of that engagement. The partnership with Flipkart will build on this proposition and provide marketers with an opportunity to connect the dots to hundreds of product categories on Flipkart.”

After Google and Facebook, Flipkart is aiming to reserve its position as the third largest digital advertisements platform in India. By launching this platform, ‘Shopper Audience network’, Flipkart is aiming to double its annualised digital advertising sales to approximately $200 million by April next year.

Flipkart’s flagship, Big Billion Day (BBD) sale is expected to arrive in October, in which Flipkart is planning to cover its one month’s sales in just five days. For this company have already started hiring manpower as they need to be trained for 30-45 days to reach the company’s operational efficiency level. Flipkart is likely to hire 30,000-35,000 warehouse and delivery executives, this biggest volume employing for this Big Billion day sale is expected to be the highest this year.