. April 17, 2019 – Page 3 – Articels

Facebook wins rights to broadcast live Premier League Games in Asia

Facebook, the social media giant has made an exclusive deal worth around £200mn for broadcasting live Premier League Games in Asia. By hiring Eurosport CEO Peter Hutton, Facebook had made it clear about its intention of entering into sports earlier …


5 New trends in the marketing industry that smart firms should apply

Before finalizing your marketing strategy a firm should always see what’s new out there. Knowing about new trends and tools will never let you waste your time and money. As of now, marketing is the biggest factor in a company’s …


Goodbye, Google Adwords! Popular Online Advertising service to be rebranded as Google Ads

Google Adwords is an online Advertising service developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display service offering, product listings, brief advertisements and video content within the Google ad network to the web user. Don’t worry, the platform is not going …


Google, Facebook ad: Digital advertising market could double to $435 billion by 2022

Research shows Google and Facebook grabbed one-fifth of global advertising spending last year. Online marketing has overtaken offline marketing and television to become the world’s largest advertising medium.

Google is by far the biggest media owner and has attracted $105.65 …


Publicis Communications, a French Multinational Advertising and Public relations Company announces a new entertainment marketing arm in India

Publicis Communications has announced the launch of its new Entertainment Marketing arm, Publicis Entertainment in India. Publicis Groupe, also known as Publicis Communications is a French Multinational advertising and Public Relations Company. It is one of the oldest and largest …


Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter joins the open source initiative, Data Transfer Project

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter announced that they will join the open source initiative called Data Transfer Project (DTP).

Facing a harsh public analysis over data leaks among privacy concern, the social media giant has called up …


Facebook’s photo and video sharing app, Instagram leads as Influencer Marketing platform globally

Instagram is an image and video sharing social networking service owned by the social media giant, Facebook Inc. It is the most popular social media platform with about 1 billion users worldwide. Instagram allows users to post or share photos …


Google, Amazon and Reliance Jio among India’s Most Influential Brands

Today, Business has changed. Technology has given commerce an almighty shake. Every brand and profession has been impacted by broadly available technology. With the right technology, mindset and strategy you can establish a profitable sphere and become influential within it.…


Bridging the Gap between Online and Offline Marketing

A real war in today’s world is between Online and Offline shopping. Offline stores are not the only one who is struggling in this war, even online stores are struggling to keep their position in an already crowded market. Before …


Facebook launches new advertising offering ‘Playable Ads’

Facebook announces new advertising offering ‘Playable Ads’ for app marketers at the ChinaJoy gaming conference. Playable ads were first launched in 2014, four years later in 2018, Facebook finally brings this advertising offering to its platform.

Playable ads

Facebook will allow advertisers …