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Artificial Intelligence to reshape Television Advertising

Artificial Intelligence is entering into almost every industry in today’s world, and the television advertising industry is no exception. Artificial Intelligence marketing is a process of collecting and analysing customer’s data to improve customer’s journey.

Television Advertising is being thoroughly …


Google Marketing Live: Google announces fully automated campaigns and ads for local shopping and more

During the live-streamed keynote at Google Marketing Live 2018, Google announces about the new features coming up in Google’s Digital Advertising suite, all of which are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

google marketing live

As we are entering into new and …


Everything you need to know about the new interface of Google Ads.

Google Ads is an online Advertising service, where advertisers spend to display service offering, product listings, concise advertisements and video content within the Google ad network to the web user. Don’t worry, the platform is not going anywhere. It’s just …


4 simple ways to use Dynamic content for boosting up your conversions

The ultimate goal of an advertiser is to deliver a more personalized online experience to their customers. So the question arises, how does an advertiser meet this high appeal for personalized communications? The answer is, by utilizing the power of …


Pinterest introduce wide-format promoted videos to all advertisers

Pinterest, a web and mobile application company, is rolling out wide-format Promoted Videos for all advertisers. Pinterest is serving this wide-format Promoted Videos service via its self-serve Ads Manager tool. The ad units are available in two aspect ratios: 16:9 …


Google started working in a different way, and no one noticed

Google recently revealed it had updated the way it labeled country services on desktop Maps and Search, Mobile web and the Google app for iOS.

google algorithm

From Google:

We have recently updated the way we label country services on desktop Maps …


Ways to increase your page speed for better website performance

Page speed is now an extremely important component in all of your optimization efforts. It is now a ranking factor on web and mobile search because of its impact on user experience.

page speed

The speed of page plays an important role …


Quora announces the launch of Quora Ads sales in India

Quora, a knowledge sharing platform, announces the launch of Quora Ads sales in India. Quora has appointed the Cross Channel Ad network, httpool as its exclusive ad sales partner in India.

quora httpool

Advertising agencies and brands across the country will be …


Fake Social Media Accounts: One more problem for marketers to monitor

If any marketers feel their rundown of things to stress over is getting too short, here’s one more to include: Fake Social Media Accounts.


These fake social media accounts are not just fake influencers or fake followers, they can be …


Google is about to launch its own smart display in sometime

Out of more than 50 million Alexa gadgets sold, less than 500,000 have been the Echo Show, as per Canalys. That’s partly because gadget fails to satisfy the guarantee of a “smart speaker with a screen.”

google smart devide

Lenovo smart Display with …