. April 17, 2019 – Page 5 – Articels

Europe to penalize websites for not removing ‘illegal content’ within an hour

The European Commission (EC) made some rules and recommendation for the removal of “illegal content” (primarily terrorist indoctrination) from all the website within Europe. At the time, the guidelines were spontaneous; now the European Commission will force fines if the …


Points to keep in mind while choosing a link partner

When you get a backlink naturally, you don’t look to see if the website linking to your website is a good linking partner. They just link in, and eventually, you look if you need to.


Most of the websites don’t …


Facebook rolls out first video creation tool for Advertisers

This tool will help advertisers to add motion to existing video or images or to create video ads from company assets like photographs or logos.


The social media giant, Facebook has rolled out a set of tools to help marketers …


5 types of negative reviews Google will remove

On the Google My Business Forum, we observe threads and themes from business owners who want Google to remove their negative reviews.

There are lots of situations where we can’t do anything in light of fact that the reviews don’t …


Email Marketing turned 40 this year. Now what?

Email Marketing is presently the best digital marketing channel for businesses across all industries. According to a Relevancy Group study conducted with OneSpot, the channel was responsible for 20% of the average business’s revenue in 2017.


Given the measure of …


When it comes to bid management, there is no reason to manage bid manually

There is no reason to manage bid manually, let the machines do the heavy lifting. It is best to automate the tedious work humans used to do to calculate Cost Per Click (CPC).

The rise of automated bidding

Where once …


More automation from Google Ads is good for PPC careers and tool makers

We’re currently all adjusting in accordance with the new interface of Google Ads. Change at what was formerly called AdWords is constant, and a portion of the greatest adjustments we’ll have to acclimate to may still be in store.



Google updates user management and rights in Google Search Console

Google’s update in Search Console – a collection of tools to help website owners, marketers, webmasters and SEO professional monitor website performance in the Google search index – alter the way user permission, user management and rights work, making users …


4 ways to avoid indexing issues and duplicate content on your e-commerce website

Before a webpage can rank well, it needs to be crawled and indexed. More than some other kind of website, e-commerce sites are well-known for developing URL structures that create indexing and crawling issues with the search engines.

avoid duplicate content

4 ways …


Google’s exact match close variants expand again: Now include same meaning variations

Google’s exact match keyword targeting means the keyword needed to coordinate precisely whatever query the searcher used. At that point, close variations came into the mix, and that definition has relentlessly transformed over the past few years. To start with, …