. April 17, 2019 – Page 6 – Articels

A new service to find data from government, sciences, some news organizations: Google Dataset Search

By using Google Dataset schema, we can mark up our data to get it added in the new Google Dataset Search Engine.

google dataset search

Google revealed a new speciality search feature named Google Dataset Search that is powered partially by the dataset …


LinkedIn launches Dynamic Ads into Campaign Manager Platform

Marketers and Advertisers will be able to create, manage and promote Dynamic Ad campaigns and will also be able to track their Ad performance using LinkedIn’s ad management tool.

LinkedIn Ad

In July, LinkedIn launched a newly redesigned Campaign Manager platform, now …


Prepare your budget, advertisers, Facebook Stories ads are coming

Facebook Marketing Partners are as of now being offered the chance to let customers beta test the new advertisement units.

facebook stories ad

The social media giant, Facebook is getting nearer to an official Stories Ads launch date. The organization is currently welcoming …


5 Qualities of a great website content writer

What do the best and sought after site content writers have in common? A lot as it seems. Web content writing is the most flourishing and concentrated professions in recent times. With the net blast opening up more newer playing …


5 simple ways to utilize a blog to improve SEO results

Apparently, every website has a blog these days. But unfortunately, very few companies fully capitalize on their blog content to maximize search engine optimization results. Here are five simple ways to utilize a blog to improve your website’s organic visibility, …


The basic of working with Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon is now doing more or less everything. Amazon is not only providing retail product, they also provide music, cloud computing, video and groceries, even they have opened a few physical bookstores.

Amazon has launched Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) at …


Facebook is combining app, website, offline purchase data into one view for advertisers

The Social media giant, Facebook is about to combine app, website and offline purchase data into one single view for advertisers and marketers.


In the recent announcement, Facebook said it is adding the list of action marketers can track across …


Here’s a guide to choosing the best content format for link building

Considering making a GIF or infographic as a way to attract links? Here’s a list of the advantages and disadvantages of various visual elements and their effectiveness at attracting links.


There are top four content formats used in link building:…


3 simple ways to improve your digital marketing

With the correct tools and a little bit of know-how, in any case, you’ll have the capacity to quantify your content’s effectiveness and avoid pandemonium. Here are four different ways to enhance your digital marketing today.

digital marketing
  • Optimize your SEO
  • Track

3 Pay per click (PPC) mistakes you are probably making in your campaigns

Most common pay per click mistakes can be simply rectified. With additional awareness, effort and time, you can manage your optimization strategy to focus on Return on invest (ROI) rather than CPA and get better results.


Here are the top …