Hidden PPC traffic killers

Are you fed up with your PPC campaign? Is your PPC campaign behaving rudely and blocking out perfectly acceptable traffic?


If the advertiser’s business model and a pay-per-click (PPC) account are functioning reasonably well, we frequently find that a business owner becomes heavily dependent on the PPC channel.

In the event that you’ve arrived late on the PPC scene, you probably won’t know that previous account managers assumed the channel was “naughty” and that PPC should have been gotten control over. Indeed, there are sources of cash bleed in any PPC account, yet there are drawbacks to an excessively defensive stance.

Here are the ways your PPC account may be blocking out perfectly acceptable traffic:

  • Over –negativing

There are several different ways that negative keywords can hamstring an account manager. One is the broad match negative that essentially cuts too far into query flow.

Different times, however, the negatives (and keywords bids themselves) should be more careful.

A high number of negatives can likewise be a red flag. Are the keywords, match types or bids inappropriate? Is the campaign applicable? With a high number of negatives, it’s hard to filter through them all to separate the wise from the silly.

Sometimes it’s important to eliminate a group of them and begin again (with better campaign strategy). This might be the situation when new attribution data gives better credit to higher-funnel interactions.

Take the example query “hipster beef jerky recipes.” People are looking for the recipes, not the jerky. Except that sometimes, they come back later via a remarketing ad and buy a carload of jerky.

  • IP blocking using a click fraud detection service

Depending upon how things function where you live, a given IP address may be related with hundreds or thousands of users.

For my money, Google seems to be doing a quite great job with click fraud nowadays. It may be the case that the click fraud software is really costing you business. At any rate, question its suspicions and tinker with the settings.

ip blocking
  • Failure to use broad match

Some account manager does the perfectly reasonable fear of broad match, and we see far too rely on exact match keywords.

We all love exact match. Yet, in the event that growth is the thing that you look for, at that point you have to cast a wider net. You may even need to run ordinary broad match or dynamic search ads to help with ongoing query research. With a growth, outlook comes extra work and extra risk.


Integration of offline and online for the best overall result

Do you remember the days when the ‘Giants’ of traditional media had to learn digital ways? Now digital natives must get educated about Television, print and billboards.


Nowadays, Digital Marketers are big supporters of Online Advertising, as you may expect, but offline –Out of Home, TV and Print –still has a bigger role to play in present campaigns. All things considered, despite the fact that digital is growing rapidly, global online spend is not projected to catch up with offline until 2020.

Since each medium has its advantages and disadvantages, I’m not going to pit them against one another — rather, I’d highlight how well they can cooperate.

Blurring Lines

We should take note of that the lines among online and offline are getting more obscured as TV and out of home (OOH) turn out to be more digitalized — all Television will eventually be bought programmatically, and digital OOH spend is expected to surpass $5 billion by 2022.

Access to data and technology is allowing these traditional media channels to become much more targeted, with more effective performance measurement and improved inventory buying.

For small firms, online isn’t just adequate, it’s amazingly effective. Yet, in spite of the fact that offline is commonly connected with large budget campaigns, regardless it has an essential role for both local businesses and (multi)national businesses that need to set up brand awareness by reaching a wide audience.

Working together

When would it be a good idea for you to use both offline and online?


You can plan a whole online or offline strategy, from awareness to engagement and from intent to conversion, but both the strategy can be even more useful when used together for customer journey.

Offline has a large reach which includes user which may never be reached online, but it’s costly to run due to high spend related to radio ads, banners, television, billboards and so on. Offline can also have a low cost per thousand impressions (CPM) versus online channels. The online channel is great for its return on investment (ROI), more narrow reach and measurability, but online can be more costly per thousand impressions compared to Television, for example.

Online is better suited for more conversion- and acquisition, while offline is suited for upper-funnel activity aiming to reach and brand awareness.

Website redesign mistakes that destroy SEO

An essential part of marketing is redesigning a website, whether it’s your client’s or your own. It is important because trends, expectations and technology of clients change over time, and if we want to stay competitive in the market, we must keep pace with these things.

seo checklist

This task is important but also risky from an SEO perspective. Many things can go wrong during this task. In certain cases, some mistakes can also result in penalties.

Changing page URLs or Deleting pages without redirecting them

During redesigning the website, many web designers’ removes or rename the webpages and consider the task complete. But this is the biggest mistake because certain of those webpages may already rank well in Search Engine Result Page. Those pages might have inbound links driving to them or have been bookmarked by users.

When you do this type of mistakes, you will lose all your SEO value coming from those links, this could result in a huge loss of ranking in SERP.

This mistakes will also create a negative user experience when anyone clicking on those links will be resulted by a 404 error page. This is the most important factor because Google has confirmed that user experience is a ranking factor.

The best way to delete or rename any webpage is to redirect it to the most relevant page. A 301 redirect should commonly be used.

Failing to perform a complete function check on everything

 As soon as you redesigned a website, you need to review some pages to make sure all the things look ok and also functions properly.

This includes:

  • E-commerce functionality
  • Analytics
  • Contact forms
  • Tracking pixels
  • Dynamics ads
  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Interactive tools
  • Multimedia players
  • Search capabilities

None of these mistakes is particularly complicated or difficult to avoid. You simply need to be aware of them, implement a plan to avoid them, and pay close attention to detail.

Questions to be asked before choosing an SEO agency

Have you ever had a bad experience using an SEO agency? It seems like every entrepreneur has heard SEO bad stories or has one themselves.

Are they an SEO agency or a Digital agency?

An organization that offers numerous digital services more often than not doesn’t have practical experience in SEO. Numerous digital agencies begin off as website design organizations, then start extending their services to include Google Ads Management, Hosting, SEO and Graphic design.

The issue with this is that the staff they have working on Search Engine Optimization is normally somebody familiar with the service, however not a specialist. For a digital agency to scale, they will probably be utilizing junior staff, or off-shore teams, under the supervision of a division head.

For all these reasons, it’s better to work with an SEO specialist agency or an independent SEO consultant.

What is their real reputation?

Realizing what an organization’s real reputation is requires something beyond perceiving what number of positive client reviews they have. Surveys, or Testimonials, contained on an organization’s site are likely singled out. Surveys and reviews contained on Google Maps and other outsider reviews sites can also be unreliable.

In what way? There are bits of gossip about SEO organizations threatening clients with legitimate activity if negative reviews are not removed. Others may utilize more evil threats, for example, negative SEO.

To discover their real reputation, get in touch with some of their clients specifically. You’ll find out soon enough if the reviews are real or fake, and you may get significant hints from those clients.

What KPIs are they selling?

One of the greatest scams in “guaranteed SEO” pitches is persuading clients that they will rank for their very own brand name or some search phrase that no one searches for.

Ensure that the keywords they quote you for have enough month to month searches to make an ROI possible. Positioning for your own brand name is a joke, as Google normally does this in any case. Remember that after your site is ranked on page one for a search term, it’s only going to get a percentage of the month to month search volume – not all of it.

Boost your search rankings in SERP using only internal linking strategy

Linking content within a website transfers value and importance between web pages.

link building

People networking through technology

Considerably, more importantly, internal links show your site’s structure. They assist users with navigating and web crawlers to understand your site. A good internal linking strategy makes it simpler for your web pages to be indexed and to rank, and in addition increase conversion rates and CTR for users who can find what they are searching for.

Basic principles of internal linking:

  • Internal linking is so powerful that it can (unexpectedly) give unparalleled lifts to generally low-value pages that get more number of links, like the home, contact and about pages.
  • Internal links are important to the point that Google presently considers that 1000 is a “sensible number” of links per webpage. Remember that, this includes each and every link in the menu, header, footer and sidebar.
  • Internal links from healthy and fresh content pass fresh value, and can, accordingly, flag new content to Google, helping new pages get crawled.
  • The more internal links a webpage gets, the more value Google gives it. Internal links enable Google to decide the importance of a webpage concerning alternate pages on your site.

Boost your page ranking by reducing page depth

  • Expanding the number of high-level categories. By doubling the number of categories listed on the home page, more pages inside those categories were set nearer to the home page.
  • Expanding the quantity of similar or recommended pages that show up on product pages or job postings. This is a method for expanding internal links inside a category, or between related categories, conveying a portion of the deeper pages to a shallower level.
  • Decreasing the number of browsable pages in a category’s listing. In the event that a category’s seven pages are decreased to five, the URLs listed on the 6th and 7th pages all climb at least two clicks in depth.

Internal linking strategies can increase site authority on a subject, improve click-through rate, and boost rankings through direct influence on ranking factors like click depth and page importance.


There are lots of SEO companies plying their trade in India, but in order to get the best search engine optimization, you will need to hire the right SEO company in India. The first thing that you need to do is get rid of all the misconceptions that you have heard about choosing or hiring SEO companies. Everyone has a different experience and therefore a different opinion about hiring an SEO firm and that is why you should only focus on the best way to hire an SEO company in India.

So what is the best way to hire an SEO company in India? Here is what you will need to do:

Decide what you need
First of all, you will have to decide why you want to hire the SEO company and for what purpose. Do you require link building, PPC management, link removal, SEO audit, content marketing, retargeting or any other SEO service? You should base your selection of an SEO company by looking at their expertise in the SEO service that you require. There are some SEO companies that offer you with multiple services, but you need to decide what you need first, in order to hire the right SEO firm.

Get multiple consultations
When you have so many options to choose from, it can be very easy to get confused or distracted. Don’t let the options overwhelm you, but instead you can get multiple consultations from all the different SEO companies and then decide on which one is offering you the best rates for their services. There are lots of SEO firms in India that will gladly provide you with free consultations, and you can use that information by comparing it with any other SEO firm that you are considering to hire.

Check out references and case studies
The first question that you should answer an SEO company in India is whether they can help you get the right results? When you are looking for an SEO firm, you should always acquire the services of someone who has been in the industry for a long time and has extensive experience and expertise in SEO. You ask for references from their customers to get a good idea about the type of services that you can expect to get from the SEO firm. This will allow you to make a much more informed decision and will increase the odds of you acquiring the services of a quality SEO firm in India.


It is no surprise that businesses all over the world are striving for quality SEO services. The reason behind that is fairly simple; you need to have a burgeoning presence on the internet, since it is the cornerstone of successful marketing in the digital age. Every major organization today has its own website, which is dedicated to its products and services. You need to have a presence on the internet, since it allows you to attract more customers and target foreign consumers with greater ease.

There is no doubt about the fact that SEO (search engine optimization) services are the most in demand services anywhere today. Organizations are going all out to compete with each other and find the best SEO services that are available today. India has been one destination, which is seen by many organizations as one of the best when it comes to SEO services. There are lots of reasons why businesses are clamoring for SEO services in India and here are some of the most important reasons why that is the case.

It helps deliver a solid ROI
The primary goal for a business is to turnover profit at the end of the day, and to get a solid return on their investment. SEO guarantees that in the best possible manner, since it ensures that your business has a visible digital presence. Lots of businesses are outsourcing their work overseas in order to take advantage from SEO services in India, because they are getting a solid ROI at the end of the day.

Search engine optimization helps your business get higher ranks and more hits on search engines, which means that when people are searching for products and services in your industry, your website is right at the front line. This means you get nonstop organic traffic to your website, which ultimately translates into a lot of money at the end.

Get ahead of the competition
There are lots of businesses that are using SEO companies in India, and it is important to stay in touch with your competition or even get ahead of it. Most businesses are under the impression that you only need SEO services till you reach the top of the rankings on the search engines, but that is entirely wrong. Getting to the top of the rankings is the easy part; it is staying there and maintaining your position at the top of the pack, which is the hard part.

All your competition is vying for the top ranking spot as well, and that is why you need to ensure that you get the very best SEO services, so that you stay ahead of your competition.

Customers are mobile
It comes as no surprise to learn that more and more people are searching and shopping on their Smartphone. This means that your website must be mobile friendly in order to attract more customers and tap into foreign markets. SEO company ensure that your business can be easily searched by customers on the go, who are searching for services and products related to your business on their mobile. That is why if you want to have a successful long-term marketing strategy, you will need the help of SEO experts.


Things You Need to Ask Your Website Development Company in India

There are lots of reasons why you may consider hiring a web development company in India. You may want to create a new website or re-vamp your existing website. However, selecting the right website development company in India for your organization is absolutely critical if you want to get the right results. There are lots of options in the market and that can sometimes overwhelm or confuse people. However, we are going to help make things a lot easier for you by providing you with a list of things that you need to ask a website development company in India before you hire them.

How long have you been in the business?
It is important to know how long the website development company has been in the industry, since you only want to hire experienced web developers. They are the ones who will have the necessary experience and the expertise to provide you with flawless website development services. You should also make sure that they have got skilled web developers working with them in the company, and they are not outsourcing their services to another firm.

Have you worked on a similar project or website?
When you are hiring a website development company in India it is important that you acquire the services of someone who has got experience in working on the project or website that you have in mind. You should ask them to provide you with sample works and their work experience in developing quality website to get a good idea about the skills and quality of work that you can expect from them.

Can you build a responsive website?
Nowadays consumers are going mobile and there are more searches on mobile than ever before. Websites are now being visited from mobile devices and you need to ensure that your website is also mobile compatible. Having a mobile-friendly website is absolutely critical in this day and age, since it gives you the edge over your competition and allows you to provide your customers with a quality, responsive website, which they can access from their mobile devices.
What type of warranty do you offer?
Not a lot of people know this, but creating a new website is similar to purchasing a new car. Just like the car needs to be maintained at all times, the website also needs to be updated regularly and well maintained in order to function properly. That is why you should ask the website development company in India if they will provide you with website maintenance services and warranties on their web design.

Can you provide references?
This is one of the most critical questions and you simply have to ask this question before you decide to hire a website development company in India. References from previous clients will give you a good idea about the type of services that you can expect to gain from the company and their overall level of expertise. It will also tell you a lot about the customer service that the website development company provides to their customers.


There are lots of reasons why you should hire a Google Adwords company in India. However, the first thing that you need to know is what exactly is Google Adwords? It is basically a PPC module of advertising on Google and it works by determining the strength of the keywords and creating a more effective channel for marketing your business online.

There are lots of benefits of hiring Google Adwords company in India, since it not only offers a boost to your campaign, but also allows you to accurately measure your return on investment. That is one of the major reasons why so many people are looking to reap the benefits that are provided by Google Adwords companies in India today.

If you are wondering what type of benefits you can avail from Google Adwords companies in India, here are some of the major benefits for hiring a Google Adwords company in India.

It is calculable
Google Adwords allows you to measure everything properly, which means that you will get useful data about your project. This data will include conversions, impressions and conversion rate. It allows you to easily measure your return on investment, since a dedicated team of professionals will work around the clock to fine tune and optimize your campaign.

It is highly targeted
You can also maximize your returns on investment through the different channels that have are offered in your campaign. You can also target specific campaigns through Google Adwords on geographical locations. You also get the advantage of targeting on mobile devices and launching your campaigns in over 40 languages. This ensures that you get the best results over time and launch your campaign successfully in your target markets.


It has maximum relevance
Google Adwords allows you to find highly relevant and accurate information when pitted against search inquiries. This means that your campaign will get results that are always highly relevant and will provide you with the maximum results at the end of the day. This means that your keywords will get the most relevant advertisements and therefore you will be able to get better ranking on organized pages.

Cost effectiveness
Another factor that you should consider as a benefit of hiring a Google Adwords company in India is that you will gain the benefit of cost-effectiveness. You are in charge of the amount you spend and you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Moreover the entire campaign will be marketed in such a manner that the cost per click rate will reduce gradually over time.

You can also take advantage of re-marketing, since you can easily build a re-marketing list on Google Adwords, whilst the advertisers can display ads and follow users across multiple different websites. This is highly important, since apart from your own advertisements it also allows you to create a dynamic online presence, ensuring the success of your campaign as well.

So keep these benefits in mind the next time you are considering hiring a Google Adwords company in India.


With changing times, each and everything is now getting surrounded by the world of Internet. Be it personal or professional, some way or the other we are dependent on web media. This has become even more significant for people who are starting up their own new set up. Web media actually helps them to reach the large target audience and advertise their services. But the most important past comes when you have to develop a site to publish your opinions, ideas or services. So, to help them, web development is the best solution, which designs your websites according to your personal choices with the help of coding. There are lots of web development companies available in Delhi/ NCR region, but the most active and important on is Green Web Media. This web development company in Noida offers innumerable services, the most beneficial ones are:-

Search Engine Optimization – Since, the success of every online portal directly depends on the number of hits or clicks the site gets. The SEO helps your write-ups and sites to increase their visibility amongst the target audience. Being one of the best web development company in Noida, our team uses various techniques to improve the ranking of websites amongst the potential customers.
Web designing – It encompasses several techniques and skills to build and maintain a website. As we all know, what we see creates the first impression. And, it is our duty to design your website in such a way that anyone who visit can easily opt for service you offer. Our team is a group of proficiently skilled designers, who have both practical and theoretical knowledge. From graphic designing to interface designing, we work in every sector to provide our customer every possible support.
Social Media Optimization – Even though, there is no consistent way of social media optimization, it plays a significant role in developing contacts with the target audience. SMO basically helps in sharing or advertising your content with the help of social networks. Since, there is no fixed policy of SMO, our team follow the latest trend and based on that analysis, they advertise your content so that you can get more and more clicks.
Apart from these services, our company is also proficient in Local Listing Optimization, Google Adwords, E-Commerce Web Designing and a lot more. So, next time if you are planning to give your website a classic touch, don’t forget to pay a visit to Green Web Media.