We are knocking the doors for a whole lot New Year, and hoping it would be filled with prosperity along with ‘Lot of traffic’? Well, that’s PPC client will wish for but is your campaign offering you the professional growth you were looking for?

Before we enter the crux of the matter let’s begin with reviewing the good old 2015-

Flash back –

Do the keywords made zero impressions amid all of 2015? An excess of commercial duplicate varieties? Sense that your crusades could profit by a rebuild? There’s no preferred time over the start of year to wrench out a few changes and push forward with a fresh start. Try not to be reluctant to remove the mess that is not profiting your records.

Let’s start afresh

Before you lament about your last PPC campaign provider let me introduce you with Green Web Media, a thriving digital marketing company, PPC company in Noida. It provides you a better platform to showcase your business entity and creates all-encompassing marketing solution you need. With the right armor in your kitty, I am sure the war can easily be conquered.

It is important for you to set serious professional goals and at the same time bring some changes to your strategies.
Look for Business storytelling- if you notice that you are able to attract more clicks through mobile rather than desktop well, try to capitalize the opportunity. Create more dynamic strategies to attract the traffic towards Smartphone.
Try to tell your brand power by compelling stories and at the same time keep the clients busy or engaged. It is a perfect way to penetrate into the minds of clients and create an impact also.
Look for those blogs who are more PPC oriented and yes if they are unique and fresh half of the work is already done.
It is the beginning of a new year so make yourself a promise that you will automate your PPC campaigns incorrectly. You may be finding that people are clicking but it does not get converted into results. So work on your balancing measures or come up with opposite strategy.
Attract the right frequency so that you can connect well. If you are going to run then make sure it comes with some new value every time it is run.



Since the competition of online visibility is growing, search engine optimization is being with combined with other online marketing practices such as social media marketing and pay per click. Pay per click is practice where an organization pays every time a visitor clicks the ad by the organization. With the use of pay per click along with other practices of online promotion users have a higher volume of audience visiting their website.

With PPC becoming more prominent online marketing services in India, companies are extending towards providing PPC services in addition to other online marketing services. Online marketing companies in India are expanding and so are opportunities for availing PPC. Green media web is a PPC company in Noida, the hub for all the jobs in Delhi as well as India. The company specializes in providing all the online marketing services along with website development. Its customers are thus quite contended with the way the organization is catering to them. They are getting everything at one place and do not have to wander the market to seek different website services from different organizations.

PPC when combined with other forms of marketing can yield impressive results. Here are the benefits that the users of PPC have experienced.

Pay as per visits:
Using pay per click allows you to pay for the number of visits to your site. Thus unlike other services, results are assured. You do not have to pay a lump sum for the service and have guarantee that visits are going come. For other services you have a one-time payment and the results are slow.

Cost control and budget cut:
Use of PPC furnishes quick results as well as cost control. You keep aside a certain amount to be paid for visits per day which may be adjusted as per the requirement. Thus, there is a level of flexibility combined with the cost control:

Reaching the targeted audience became easy:
PPC comes with location targeting and device specific preferences. By using this you can address your targeted audience directly by sending them a right massage at the right time. This is extremely useful if you want target a particular group of audience at a specific place and at a specific time.

Quick results:
PPC takes a relatively less time to produce results as compared to the other sources of online marketing. This is because your website is visible on probably first few pages of the search engine. It is said to develop results within one or two days of the application.

course of time .


90% of web clients look forward to the search engines to discover what they are searching for. This figure more than clarifies the significance of Search Engine Optimization. If you are an owner of a business entity or website owner, then you won’t look at the magic wand of SEO services can do to your bottom line.

When you look for a SEO company it is quite different from choosing other providers as it drastically affects your presence in the market.

Each business needs SEO administrations to make the site rank higher and drive focused on movement. SMO and SEO administrations can help your business site get exposure and introduction that at last offers your business some assistance with growing. Green Web Media is a quality service provider of SEO services in Noida. If you ought to get benefited from the privileges of digital marketing you can simply contact it or visit

Why do you need SEO?

It still improves your ranking
Above all else, the systems utilized to enhance SEO still work. Despite the fact that information with respect to natural activity from Google was pulled reasonably as of late, the strategies themselves stay sound. A lot of SEO contextual investigations performed post-Hummingbird can confirm this. Joshua Guerra, CEO of advertising firm BIZCOR says “the length of you are concentrating on ideal client experience while performing methodical SEO procedures, you will be compensated with higher situating and natural activity.

It won’t cost you a fortune
The SEO service in Noida can offer you good deals for online marketing tools. As compared to the expenses connected with different types of internet promoting, for example, PPC publicizing, online networking showcasing, or acquiring leads for an email advertising system, SEO gives genuinely great ROI. While PPC may drive more income and social networking may be more essential for your picture, your natural SEO from multiple points of view remains bedrock of your online vicinity. Don’t get distracted with lucrative offers select a genuine quote only.

Advent of mobile bandwidth and local search optimization
It is well studied and seen that the mobile devices are able to grasp more traffic than the traditional desktops. With the Smartphone revolution taking place the visibility extends and so does the hits. It is whole new world and SEO services are becoming more and fiercer with the changing.


In this modern world where internet has become a primary source of communication, the concept of Search Engine Optimization has gained immense popularity. This is due to the fact that internet is a huge and wild platform where information is distributed randomly and only by using SEO wisely, a company can make most out of this wonderful medium of internet. However, you need to understand that there are several companies which offer their services for Search Engine Optimization and therefore, to get advantage over your competitors, you must hire the correct SEO Company.

For finding the right services, you must take correct approach otherwise; you will end up regretting your choice along with losing significant amount of money or business opportunities. Every company provides different type of services and needless to say, the quality of work that is being offered varies from company to company. Every company which claims that they provide the best services might not deliver the kind of work you are expecting therefore, it becomes essential that you do all the research and little bit of hard work when it comes to finding the right SEO Company. So, if you are looking for the best services for SEO in Noida or anywhere else in India for that matter, then you should go through the following points which might prove very useful to your ambition.

• Understands your needs: The first and the most important thing that demands your consideration is your needs. Before even starting your quest for finding a good SEO Company, you should analyze your requirements and figure out why you need such services for. You must be clear about the services that you require, whether you need content marketing, PPC management or any other work and then only you should proceed towards next step.

• Decide your budget: Just after assessing your requirements, you should figure out the amount of money that you are willing to invest thereby, fixing the budget for the whole procedure.

• Consult as many companies as you can: As already discussed, there are lots of companies that will offer you their services. So, you should consult as many companies as you can about the SEO requirements. You must also figure out whether or not you need all types of services under one roof or you will hire different companies for different tasks. Though, hiring one company is a good and much better option, but some people also hire different companies for better management.

• Portfolios: If you want to know about the quality of work that you should expect from a particular company, then you must check out their past work and portfolios.


When it comes to attracting traffic to a website then there are no better tools than SEO and PPC. It is impossible for any online business to survive in this digital marketing world without incorporating both PPC and SEO into their online marketing strategy. Internet world is huge and to for better visibility one must take some kind of professional help which can provide more opportunities for their businesses.

SEO and PPC can instantly drive targeted traffic towards a website and this is why these tools have become essential components of digital marketing. But, the only problem is that without proper experience and knowledge it is impossible to make the best out of this situation. So, for this reason most companies are hiring professional services for PPC advertising. However, there are more than one reason to opt for professional help and the following points will explain to you why you need to hire PPC Company in Noida.

• Time: PPC campaign demands lots of time and it is impossible for a business owner to spend so much time just for PPC. Further, for successful PPC advertising you are required to constantly analyze and optimize various factors to enhance performance. So, hiring a PPC company is important if you want to focus only on your business operations and also if you want to make sure that everything is done as per the required standards.

• Complication: As already discussed, for successful PPC implementation one requires apt experience and knowledge. The AdWords settings are a bit complicated and for proper geo targeting you need to do everything in a correct manner. A professional will ensure that every setting is configured according to the requirements of your PPC campaign thereby, maximizing business opportunities for you.

• Right keywords: One of the most important thing that you must know about PPC campaign is that every PPC task requires different strategy for keywords. Selecting the right keyword is important for maximum traffic conversions and not doing this correctly could result in failure. Also, many terms which are performing poorly must be replaced quickly with new set of keywords and only a professional can do everything at the right time.

• Constant change: The online digital marketing industry is constantly changing and needless to say, one must keep up with the newest trend of the industry. A PPC Company will be well aware of these changes and they will to everything in their power to provide you up to date tools and technologies.

• Problems: Another important thing is that you must identify a problem before it will start affecting your PPC campaign. Professional services deal with such issues every day and their experience will make sure that you take more stable approach.


It has been many years that bloggers and publishers post reviews regarding products and services which they may have received from various companies. Google is certainly no stranger to this happening and there has been no disapproval of the practice either. Indeed, Google has taken a step towards improving these kinds of reviews and introduce more moral practices by issuing a set of best practices for the same. Google’s Best Practices Series provides strategic advice on core search engine marketing tactics. It’s intended to help you get the most out of AdWords. Based on Google’s internal data and examined by the people that built AdWords, this series helps form the foundation of your paid search strategies.

Publishers and bloggers often write or publish reviews for products which they receive from companies or agencies for free. This isn’t a wrong practice, whereas google just wants the bloggers to follow some specific processes whenever they post such reviews for the benefit of the readers or the audience. SEO professionals, publishers, bloggers and companies should follow or practice these points.

No-follow links- Instead of linking the product review back to the company’s website, Google wants bloggers to use the no-follow tag and have also asked companies to remind publishers as well.
Disclosure- Google wants these reviews to be specified as paid reviews or sponsored content so that the readers should be aware of it.

Content should be purposeful- The best practice to remember is that the content should not be only for the purpose of promotion but should be unique and have something to say.
Content marketing should also be done with a purpose. Content marketing should also be unique and should say something.

So, bloggers and companies should think twice before posting something online.


You must have noticed a change in Google Analytics Homepage. It now shows Google Analytics 360 Suite for enterprise marketers. As the caption says “it is a set of integrated data and marketing logical products, designed specifically for the enterprise marketers.”

Yet there hasn’t been any official announcements, but it seems that Google Analytics 360 Suite replaces Analytics Premium platform.

This step proves to be a part of Google’s mission to enable understanding of consumer behaviour better, getting the right insights, and then providing people with more attractive brand experiences.
Other famous Google analytics updates:
* New Admin API: The ability to create users, adjust permissions and arrange view settings (like goals) all via an API. With this new API these platforms can automatically create Google Accountsand configure them when a customer signs up for service. This means less work installing and configuring Google Accountsfor the end user.

*The analytics ABC’s: A new report format that groups data based on user acquisition, user behaviour and business outcomes. Google Analytics reports are now divided into Acquisition, behaviour and Outcomes. And Audience – but AABC’s doesn’t make as much sense.

* Understand your audience with demographic data: The addition of your site user’s demographic data into Google Analytics. Understanding who our users are is also critical. Knowing things like gender, age and interests can help us expand our marketing strategy and drive specific tactics, like generating creative.

* New Auto-event tracking: The ability to track almost every website action, like clicks and form submissions without any additional JavaScript. Auto event tracking eliminates all of the JavaScript. There are a series of new tags in Google Tag Manager that will automatically listen for user actions and, if you want, capture those actions. Then you can collect the data with Google Analytics or any other tool.

* Analytics Academy: A huge, open, online course for digital analytics and Google Analytics. Our goal is to train everyone that wants to learn digital analytics and Google Analytics. Each analytics academy course is a series of video lessons and quizzes designed to teach the basics of digital analytics.


Panic could be felt amongst digital marketers few months ago when Moz updated its key metric known as Domain Authority or DA for many sites. Many were surprised, whereas others were anxious about down-slide of their sites’ ratings.Though there was a fear of loss in traffic or google ranking, but nothing of that sort happened. Still, this gave birth to a new debate.
We can’t assume that Google is recommending DA because it hasn’t restructured its PR for the past couple years. Both DA and PR are still applicable when we talk about the overall “health” of a website.
Is DA relevant for success of your website?
The scope and relevance of DA is not yet clearly know, but it reflects overall performance of a site.It’s just a metric based on some sound constraints, but there are many other SEO factors that impact your success. It’s alright to get your website a rank in order to compare it with other websites.
Personally, I don’t use DA, when I have to assess the performance or success of a website. I don’t even consider it as an indicator of effective link-building.
So, when the latest DA update happened and many businesses saw a drop in DA, it didn’t translate into any kind of drop in rankings or traffic for their sites.
According to our research, we found out that relevance of a website is important than its DA. If you have a high DA number and at the same time your site also has a high degree of relevance, you are doing great.
Why do we then even discuss Domain Authority?
We don’t consider DA as a measure of a website’s success, but we still respect it. There are various reasons for it.
1. DA is something, which can be measured as a tangible factor.
2. DA is a complex metric and it uses around 40 signals.
3. DA is a cardinal number and it makes life easier for marketers.
This is similar to test scores among students. It’s well known that one’s grades/scores are used to measure & compare academic accomplishments even though your test scores can never tell your true potential.
Natural backlinks boosting factors:
A. Great Content.
B. Excellent user experience.
C. With conclusion from bloggers and experts.
D. Relevant to your place.


Google has always been a company which is extremely flexible with experiments in spite of its nature. These experiments could be variations in the algorithm, the user policy, the design or any kind of new web products that they launch. Alterations, modifications, changes, adjustments and improvements keep happening when Google engineers are involved.
One of the latest updates to be made to the search engine is in the field of Google Organic Search. The organic search section is where schedules for small businesses and large scale retailers are placed. Search engine optimization is the process of insuring your site listing appears among the top results of a search in engines such as Yahoo! or Google. The higher a website ranks in the search results, the greater the chance that the site will be visited. SEO is not to be confused with paid search, or Pay-Per-Click.
Organic search, also called “natural search” is considered to be the goal for any good SEO campaign. Below are listed some of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization:
1.SEO offers excellent return on investment :
Even though SEO produces one of the lowest costs per impression as compared to other traditional and online marketing strategies, it is often ignored because hotel markers are made to believe that their site is SEO friendly or rely on 3rd party sites to do the work to come up on the search engines.
2.Decrease 3rd party commissions :
The most revenue will occur if you drive traffic directly from the search engines to your hotel’s website without having a reservation going through a 3rd party like Expedia.
3.SEO has longevity :
When you spend time and money getting your site listed organically, it doesn’t dry up instantly when your money does. SEO works best when it is worked on continually; however, if you do find that your marketing budget has been cut, it will take some time before your site completely drops from the search engines.


f one needs better advertisement, then they need accurate tracking and measurement. The main aim or target of a business is to get conversations so therefore it becomes necessary to use smart tools to accurately measure and track conversions.
When an user visits a website and clicks on the website, it could be a desired activity, downloads, signups, website purchases or phone calls and many more, therefore is known as conversations.
If the company is able to direct the visitors towards a predefined conversation, then the business is going on the right path of success with ad word campaign account. Now all you need to do is accurate data.
Tracking conversations
When one starts tracking visits to their websites, they can notice that every visit is not a quality visit, at least in terms of conversation. Marketers generally use Imported Google Analytics E-commerce transactions or AdWords Conversation Tracking.
Setting up Smart goals can help one track the highest-quality visits to their website and improve the performance of their AdWords account using this data. Many businesses were able to increase their sales by setting up smart goals.
How it Works?
Google uses credible conversion data across millions of websites that use its Analytics.These computer generated signals filter important factors that lead to conversion. These indicators include location, visited pages per session, session duration, browser and device being used. Visits are allotted specific scores that indicate their possibility of conversion. In the light of the above signals and insights, Smart Goals identifies the visitors, who are likely to convert. It works on the same model as Smart Lists work for re-marketing campaigns.
Setup and Optimize Smart Goals
It’s easy to setup and optimize Smart Goals in your AdWords account. You just need to follow the two simple steps given below:
1. Activation
• Find the “Admin” section
• Click “Goals”
• Select “Smart Goals.”
• Click + New Goal
2. Importing Smart goals into your AdWords Account.
• Sign in to your AdWords account.
• Click Tools tab.
• Select Conversions > Google Analytics
• Select the checkboxes next to the goals.
• Click Continue.
• Go to the next page, go to Settings. Change it according to your choices and then Click Import goals.
• Click Close.
• If you wish to import even more goals, Click Import more.