In recent years, Google has continued to improve the AdWords interface to make it more efficient and user friendly for paid search advertisers.
Despite this, managing and improving accounts still remains a time consuming task, especially if you’re managing large accounts with multiple campaigns and ad groups.Time and money can be limited resources for some businesses, but the benefits of AdWords Editor can help drive the proficiency and performance of your campaigns.
Few days back the new version of Google Ad Words was officially launched and is now available for users. Google released version 11.3, which added the ability to set up and edit call-out extensions from Editor, as well as support for HTML5 display ads.

The list below has the latest features added to the new updated version:

1.True view videos: Users can get started with a video campaign on True view and engage customers on YouTube and across various other platforms on the internet. You can now edit the default video campaigns and can also control the number of people who can see your ads. Other settings, for e.g., cost-per-view (CPV) are also changeable now. True View does not support shopping and mobile app installs campaigns.

2.Call-out Extensions: Call-out Extensions makes it easier to provide detailed information about your business and products and services that you offer. Call-out extensions can be edited for your campaigns and ad groups.

3.Recent changes selection: Even when “Make changes in duplicate items” is turned on, you can select newly created items.

4.Meta-Words in append text tool: This new version lets you use meta-words, such as “[ad group]” and “[campaign]” while using the Append Text tool.

Now here are some benefits and advantages of the new version:

1.Make changes to your AdWords account being offline
AdWords Editor does not require an internet connection. You can therefore make changes to your AdWords campaigns even when you don’t have access to the internet such as during long commutes.

2.Import and Export
In AdWords Editor, there’s multiple options available on what data you can export from your account. For example, you can export keyword data from a selected campaign, ad group, or the even whole account. You can even choose to export the data from your current view. This allows you to export everything from the current window in AdWords Editor.

In addition to exporting to a CSV file, there’s another useful feature that gives you the ability to export campaigns as a HTML file.



“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as batch. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” – Charles Mingus
Here is a list of signs that defines a creative person:
1.You are a people watcher
Whenever you’re in a public place you tend to notice people and their behaviors.
2.You understand the difference between imagination and reality
Edgar Allen Poe once famously said, “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.” Edgar was on to something then that you’re probably doing each day – imagining the ideal world you want.
3.You seek Inspiration
You search for inspiration wherever you can find it. It’s nice to know you’re not alone in your desire to create.
4.You take time to think
Your brain is your greatest asset.
5.You think most people have poor taste
You’re that person in the room who doesn’t like movies and TV series, where all others are crazy about these.
6.You Observe E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G
For you everything is interesting and attractive, so you tend to notice it and complement its beauty by observing it continuously.
7.You chase your dreams and live your passions
For all the creative people out there, one things which matters is their dreams and passions. They believe in thinking big, taking it on another level, and observing it with a different perspective. They always work towards fulfilling their dreams.
8.You’re responsibly irresponsible
It’s not smart to act immature, but you take chances when you need to. This can be expressed in buying your first home or car, sending in a job application for a position you’re under qualified for but really want, or treating your friends to a dinner on you when you don’t have a ton of money. Creativity takes guts.
9.You are numb to rejection
If becoming a writer or actor or artist was easy, a lot more people would do it. Getting that dreaded rejection letter stinks at first, but eventually you become able to just shrug it off and go on to the next one.


WordPress has proven to be one of the most reliable sources for creating personal blogs and websites. A lot of people have started making their websites using WordPress. But then it is important that you should know the tips and tricks for getting the maximum number of views on your posts. Here is a list of some of the best tips for upgrading your posts after you have uploaded them for getting the maximum hits –

* Try looking for the option of Yoast SEO when you are done with writing your post. You can find this option on the Edit Post section itself. If you don’t, just click on the Screen Options tab and you will find it.

* In the Yoast SEO option, click on the SEO Title Box option where you will enter the title. You have to make sure that you enter the main keywords along with the title and the brand name of the website. You will have a character limit of 40-60 words.

* Below this option, you give now have to enter the Meta Description i.e. an introductory text about your post which explains the content and attracts the visitors. Although this is not necessary for your SEO rankings, you will still enter the main keywords in the Meta Description.

* There is new section provided by WordPress which is known as Slug. This is the section where you can edit the URL for your post. You can change the title of the URL which will be provided by WordPress by default.

* You can optimize the posts by using the option meta robot index and the canonical URL option which will be visible after you click the Gear icon.

These were some tips for optimizing posts.


A lot of new features and methods are introduced every year for improving the reach of your blogs and websites. But then old big time bloggers till rely on the traditional and old school ways of improving the reach of their website. But they have to realize that it is better to live in the present and forget the past. Here is a list of old tips and tricks which don’t prove to be helpful anymore –
1. Gone are those days when keywords were the only ways to draw attention for your website. Since everyone who is active on the digital world is looking for something creative, you should start using some sentences which are click bait and draw attention.

2. It is better to provide your internal links in the form of anchor text. Earlier it was the case that everyone included the internal links on the header, footer or sidebar. But now, this technique has started to prove ineffective.

3. Stop linking separate web pages for every keyword. This tactic was used so that the visitors can get a chance to visit more sections of the website. But now, even Google says that it is best to have everything in a single page and stop linking keywords.

4. Don’t make the mistake of including paid links as Google has started penalizing those who are found doing this for their website. Make the content of your website so creative that no one even thinks on going to some other website.

These were some of the old tricks which were used by website owners and creators for improving the beauty of their websites. It is important to know that earlier these tricks were considered to be the best but not nowadays.


Online advertising has taken the world by storm. With immense potential of reaching millions of people with the help of internet, online advertising has become the primary demand of every business person who wishes to expand the company. This is the reason why everyone has started using the method of CTR for their website. But then sometimes you don’t receive a huge amount of audience because of the low CTR on your ads. But you don’t need to worry as here are some steps through which you can increase your ad CTR –

1.Start promoting your website by including the details in the headline itself. Stop using the trick of doing special promotions with the help of one or two lines of your descriptive text. Instead of doing this, start displaying it right on your headlines.

2.The main keyword should be included in the display URL. The display URL is a part of your ad text and it should be utilized to the fullest. The problem is that the advertisers just leave it blank and don’t pay much attention to it. This is a big reason for getting low CTR for the ads on your website. Stop leaving that space blank and start utilizing it by including the main keywords of your website.

3.Add a period at the end of the description line one. As you know that the character limit for your headline is just 25 characters. But you get the leverage of 35 characters on your description line. So it is better that you start including a period at the end of the description line one. It will help you a lot and will prove to be beneficial for your website.

These were some best tricks to help you.


Though it is hard to pronounce the word Canonicalization, still it marks a hot topic in recent times. This is a newest idea that Google has proposed for a process that consolidates all the duplicate URLs into single yet original canonical version. It makes a lot of effort for the search engines to work hard in leading to the similar pages, particularly when lot many URLs involve. This needs much time in crawling from one spot to the other. Such an activity may make you miss the important page of the website or may be the one of your interest; simply because the crawl time is either limited or too slow to process.

We discuss those times here when canonicalization can be a matter of concern.

• If you have probably missed redirecting the www and non-www versions of your website and they both get to reconcile, it can be a worry. Basically the two versions may be similar but one need a 301 or abiding re-direct from one to another if we wish to have the desired and best results. Not having this server re-direct in position will actually spell out some bad news for you websites as both search engine will index both the sites.

• Another important reason for thinking of canonicalization is that your URL composition generates boundless URLs. Having a dynamically generated URL structure calls a severe peek through by the specialists. This may generate limitless URLs getting you in hard time to tackle. Some large-sized E-commerce sites experience this problem as they have number of products in the list sorted by their price, size, color, etc. if different URL is produced for each segment’s result, one definitely lands in trouble. Hence, there is a tracking code to each URL that helps in keeping bets look on each campaign. In such cases it is so heavenly having canonical Meta tag as the handling tool which is capable of diverting you to direct spot with the important stuff.

• Robots.txt exclusion as we know helps blocking search engines from indexing the said data on the website which one may not actually wish to index. Using such a tag occasionally can be considered as a pleasant practice but it may be easy to block the spiders accidentally from indexing the pages known as relevant. If your website is not efficiently indexed, it is so much the prime site to look.

• No one wants to lose the traffic that is more attracted towards the new content published at your end. You might have changed the URL structure thinking that some relevant information may still exist on both the versions, be it old or new. In such a scenario, the 301 redirect gets important with its use. Somehow, 301 works well in redirecting the traffic as a 302 redirect works well in spider’s absence.


Whenever you create a website, you dream of making it so big that it gets famous and you start earning loads of money. But before your dreams come true, you have to make sure that you have done the construction of your website in the best way possible. Tags are something really important for increasing the reach of your website on the internet. You have to make sure that you enter your tags in such a manner that anyone who searches anything on the internet using that tag, you website pops up immediately on the top. This way you will be able to successfully increase the preference of your website.

There are two different kinds of tags which are primarily used while constructing the website –

* Title tag – this tag is used for the title of your website. It is not important that you only include the tag for the name of the website. You have to include the tags which are close to what your website is all about.

* Header tag – this tag is used for the headlines and sub-headings of your content. You should give this tag only when you want to link specific headline and sub-headings for your blog.

These were the two basic tags which you can use in your website. But nowadays, simply including too many tags won’t help. Even if your website is on the top of the Google search results, it will be of no use if the overall look and feel of your website is poor. You should connect to the visitors of your website not just through the tags and coding but emotionally and mentally as well. This should be your strategy for effective campaigning and marketing of your website on the online world.


SEO has been the most important aspect for creating a website. A good SEO is the only reason why websites get a good reach and listing on Google search. But there are a lot of confusions AKA myths which have been going around for quite a long time. Here is a list of some of the most common SEO myths –

If you delete the account from Google My Business, Google automatically deletes your account. This is the reason why a lot of business owners become skeptical about how to get rid of such kind of problem. The reality is that removing a list from Google My Business will actually make the listing unverified.
If you fail to claim your business, your business rank will go down. People get a lot of calls related to this same issue that your business will be removed from Google unless you get it verified. The reality is that the verification status will not affect the ranking of the website on the internet at all.
The professional’s listings on Google are considered as duplicate and cannot be removed. Truth be told, if the professional walks out of your office, you can state that professional is retired and has stopped working. This will get your listing marked as moved.
If your share the updates on Google plus, you will get more views. It is definitely a fact that Google plus has emerged as a great social platform for promoting anything. But still, you cannot expect extreme levels of promotion of your website by sharing on Google plus. So it’s better that you just remove that Google plus share button from your website as it is of no use.
These were some common myths related to SEO for your website.


Living on different continents we still feel so united and connected; all thanks to our amazing social networking sites. Going some ten years back we find a golden time that actually created a revolution of its type. It was a launch of famous Orkut and then immediately after that the most looked upon Facebook.

Gradually everything just paced up and we saw the world swinging in together. The world of social networking is humongous and this can be used wisely as a perfect SEO tool. Though SEO and social media are both hard to grasp but definitely the two are new marketing sensations. We understand the conditions in which both the tools work, that atmosphere is constantly changing and rising up. But this duo can work wonders in symbiotic trends.

Following are a few tips to integrate SEO techniques and social media in collaboration:

1. Including some attractive content on the website can prove to be a great technique of increasing interactivity of the site with the users. The content published can be articles, blogs, audio clips, video recordings or images; it may be anything that encourages the user’s contribution through queries or comments and enhances customer engagement on a positive note. In this aspect, SEO aspect fits in by using some particular keywords that help in targeting the relevant page of interest. Social content can be optimized and effectively interlinked as well.

2. The main aim of SEO is to increase traffic on the site. Therefore, in this respect, social media can be immensely helpful. One can make most connections through these social networking sites and can even offer social contacts. Moreover, some messages can easily be broadcasted with some tempting tag lines. Therefore, people feel more connected and they search engines can use these pages and social activities to figure the relevance of content.

3. The best advice of a perfect SEO is, as always the most interestingly designed content. The content should be such that people share it over and across the web. Working to Google’s algorithms, it focuses on the times content is published or shared among people. In simple words, it moves by the popularity. Therefore, engage the consumer with your content and along it goes for the SEO also.

The future is bright for the companies who have to learn to effectively incorporate the social media limelight with its SEO tools. Hence, act wise and make the best use of this symbiotic relationship for a better business.


Nowadays, everyone has started providing loyalty programs to their customers. Even websites have started providing loyalty subscriptions to those whoa regularly visit the website. But then somehow, there is now use of providing the loyalty programs. Though they prove to be great ways of capturing audiences, there is still no use of such programs. Here are some reasons –
1. It is a case with almost every loyalty program which provides reward points that the customers have started finding it of little importance. They feel that there is no use of getting such benefits which can be claimed only after meeting certain conditions. It is natural that why someone would get interested in such a thing.
2. A lot of surveys conducted regarding getting the feedback about these loyalty programs have shown that a large amount of people don’t feel happy about the loyalty program. For those who receive a small monetary benefit don’t like the program. They would rather go for something in which they get a Thank You in return.
3. The problem with the loyalty programs is that not every program provides various benefits. Suppose if anyone is providing 10% cash back on any purchase, they would certainly not get pleased with the scheme. The people who get a verbal reward feel happier about the loyalty programs.
4. It is better when the customer gets a chance to donate the same amount to someone who needs help. Since they don’t get too much of monetary benefits, they feel like donating the price or benefits to someone who is in a serious need for help.
These were some of the biggest reasons why people have started feeling sad about the loyalty programs and why they have started going against it.