Pinterest introduce wide-format promoted videos to all advertisers

Pinterest, a web and mobile application company, is rolling out wide-format Promoted Videos for all advertisers. Pinterest is serving this wide-format Promoted Videos service via its self-serve Ads Manager tool. The ad units are available in two aspect ratios: 16:9 and 1:1 and are four times larger than standard-sized videos on the application.


Drilling down on Promoted Videos, we have four options available: In-search, In-display, In-slate and In-video. In-search videos are those video which shows up when an individual searches a keyword. In-display videos are an overlay or annotation on videos. In-slate videos are those videos which occur on the right-hand side when watching a particular video. In-video functions as a pre-roll advertisement-with or without the skip option.

Pinterest tested the max-width Promoted Videos to a group of brands, including Chevrolet, Adidas, Paramount Pictures, Kohl’s, American Express and Tropicana. Millward Brown report showed that the advertisers using the Promoted Videos are seeing lifts in purchase intent and brand awareness.

Nency Jeng, Product marketing manager at Pinterest, said, “UK retailer John Lewis saw a 20 per cent increase in awareness and 33 per cent increase in purchase intent in a campaign promoting their new nursery collection.”

Pinterest shared the below video to introduce their audience with new Promoted Video format:Video Player00:0000:31

These wide-format Promoted Ad Videos are available in the Pinterest’s self-serve Ads manager platform. Brands which are working with Pinterest Marketing Partner can also contact the company to create a campaign.


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