Points to keep in mind while choosing a link partner

When you get a backlink naturally, you don’t look to see if the website linking to your website is a good linking partner. They just link in, and eventually, you look if you need to.


Most of the websites don’t simply accumulate backlinks on their own, they use some sort of link building strategies to get them.

Here, we will home in on how we at first decide if a site will make a good linking partner.

Checklist of questions

  1. Is there contact information on the website?

Obviously, we don’t need to see where a blogger lives, but what if we don’t find a way to contact the webmaster on the site? These sites, of course, don’t want to be reached. Just having a contact form on a site can raise a flag for our site. Always look for a telephone number, email address and social media accounts that show the website has an active webmaster behind it.

  1. What does the traffic look like?

Always confirm that the traffic is steady or increasing. Majority of the traffic should come from the website’s geographic target area. Always neglect the sites whose links are coming from link farms or communities. Avoid websites with big traffic crashes.

  1. Is the site indexed in Google?

Lack of appearance in Google is the biggest sign of something wrong with a webpage. You should probably avoid the websites which are not shown up in Google.

  1. Does the website openly sell links?

You would be amazed at the count the websites which sell links, even websites which you would never imagine being in this selling links game. You should always check whether a site is offering a paid link program publicly on their website. It is recommended to avoid websites which are offering paid link building programs.

  1. Does it look like your link would be a natural fit for the content?

Lastly, this is the thing which truly matters. You should always add your link where it fits naturally in the content. Because there is no reason to add links to a site selling fashion products if you are a site promoting call center software.


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