f one needs better advertisement, then they need accurate tracking and measurement. The main aim or target of a business is to get conversations so therefore it becomes necessary to use smart tools to accurately measure and track conversions.
When an user visits a website and clicks on the website, it could be a desired activity, downloads, signups, website purchases or phone calls and many more, therefore is known as conversations.
If the company is able to direct the visitors towards a predefined conversation, then the business is going on the right path of success with ad word campaign account. Now all you need to do is accurate data.
Tracking conversations
When one starts tracking visits to their websites, they can notice that every visit is not a quality visit, at least in terms of conversation. Marketers generally use Imported Google Analytics E-commerce transactions or AdWords Conversation Tracking.
Setting up Smart goals can help one track the highest-quality visits to their website and improve the performance of their AdWords account using this data. Many businesses were able to increase their sales by setting up smart goals.
How it Works?
Google uses credible conversion data across millions of websites that use its Analytics.These computer generated signals filter important factors that lead to conversion. These indicators include location, visited pages per session, session duration, browser and device being used. Visits are allotted specific scores that indicate their possibility of conversion. In the light of the above signals and insights, Smart Goals identifies the visitors, who are likely to convert. It works on the same model as Smart Lists work for re-marketing campaigns.
Setup and Optimize Smart Goals
It’s easy to setup and optimize Smart Goals in your AdWords account. You just need to follow the two simple steps given below:
1. Activation
• Find the “Admin” section
• Click “Goals”
• Select “Smart Goals.”
• Click + New Goal
2. Importing Smart goals into your AdWords Account.
• Sign in to your AdWords account.
• Click Tools tab.
• Select Conversions > Google Analytics
• Select the checkboxes next to the goals.
• Click Continue.
• Go to the next page, go to Settings. Change it according to your choices and then Click Import goals.
• Click Close.
• If you wish to import even more goals, Click Import more.


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