In recent years, Google has continued to improve the AdWords interface to make it more efficient and user friendly for paid search advertisers.
Despite this, managing and improving accounts still remains a time consuming task, especially if you’re managing large accounts with multiple campaigns and ad groups.Time and money can be limited resources for some businesses, but the benefits of AdWords Editor can help drive the proficiency and performance of your campaigns.
Few days back the new version of Google Ad Words was officially launched and is now available for users. Google released version 11.3, which added the ability to set up and edit call-out extensions from Editor, as well as support for HTML5 display ads.

The list below has the latest features added to the new updated version:

1.True view videos: Users can get started with a video campaign on True view and engage customers on YouTube and across various other platforms on the internet. You can now edit the default video campaigns and can also control the number of people who can see your ads. Other settings, for e.g., cost-per-view (CPV) are also changeable now. True View does not support shopping and mobile app installs campaigns.

2.Call-out Extensions: Call-out Extensions makes it easier to provide detailed information about your business and products and services that you offer. Call-out extensions can be edited for your campaigns and ad groups.

3.Recent changes selection: Even when “Make changes in duplicate items” is turned on, you can select newly created items.

4.Meta-Words in append text tool: This new version lets you use meta-words, such as “[ad group]” and “[campaign]” while using the Append Text tool.

Now here are some benefits and advantages of the new version:

1.Make changes to your AdWords account being offline
AdWords Editor does not require an internet connection. You can therefore make changes to your AdWords campaigns even when you don’t have access to the internet such as during long commutes.

2.Import and Export
In AdWords Editor, there’s multiple options available on what data you can export from your account. For example, you can export keyword data from a selected campaign, ad group, or the even whole account. You can even choose to export the data from your current view. This allows you to export everything from the current window in AdWords Editor.

In addition to exporting to a CSV file, there’s another useful feature that gives you the ability to export campaigns as a HTML file.


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