The users of Gmail should now get alert because there is a new online scam which is focusing on you. The term ‘Gmail Phishing’, is also misleading the technology savvy users.
This scam was detected by Mark Maunder who is the CEO of WordPress Security Service Wordfence. In the opinion of Mark Maunder, the scam is well developed that it is convincing the experienced technical users. It is also targeting the other users other than Gmail.
The procedure of attacking is done by the attacker by sending mails to the user id. The mail that you are getting from the person that means you know him very well and they are hacking your mail id through the same technique. The mail that you will receive will be attached to a file which you will feel that you have sent the same file to the same contact earlier and will also have an applicable subject line.
At the time you check the attachment, and if you are expecting from Gmail that it will give you a preview of that attachment, then you are not right. Instead, it will provide access to a new page and will tell you to log in again to your account. And when you will sign in again to your account, you will get in a trap by the hacker. It is so obvious that the person will not come to know about his account is hacked, instead you will see in the section written ‘’.


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