YoYumm, The Food Ordering System Gets New Design & Features- V2 Launched

YoYumm, The Food Ordering System Gets New Design & Features- V2 Launched

For food ordering businesses that trust us to launch their food delivery startups, we have come up with Version 2.0 of YoYumm. The food delivery system is now sturdier and more pleasing from user and conversion point of view.

The enhanced version packs a more powerful punch. With a complete design overhaul and more functional features up its sleeve, YoYumm is set to build your online food ordering portal high on UX and functionality.

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Meeting the latest design standards and setting a new benchmark in aesthetics, YoYumm V2 now boasts of some of the most innovative and business centric features that are essential for a food ordering website to meet user expectations. Let’s know further what YoYumm V2 includes.

1. Recent Orders: Show the recent items and restaurants that people ordered in recent past. Help them make a decision.

2. Re-Orders: Help customers reorder the same thing again, whenever they want.

3. Multicart Functionality: Let them choose as many restaurants as they want, as many dishes as they like, without having to abandon the cart.

4. Affiliate Module: More revenue generation opportunities for the admin.

5. Token Amount: This features works as a security element to keep admin’s commission safe.

6. Preorder /Pre booking Functionality: Customers will be now able to pre-book their order for a scheduled day, max 5 days in advance.

YoYumm V2

We are so excited; we just can’t help but insist you to check out the latest demo right away! Click here and see for yourself. Stop reading, start exploring.


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