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Gamify Copywriting To Detach Buyers’ Resistance And Win Sales

Content is the internet currency but most of the bloggers failed to embrace this currency efficiently, leaving them grappling with a lot of content marketing challenges:

  • 66% of bloggers stated that lack of time is their biggest problem.
  • 46% of

How to Outsmart Your Competitors With Simple E-Commerce Tricks

Being in business means facing stiff competition. Even though around 80 percent of small businesses survive their first year, only a few are able to pull the feat and sustain for many years.

In fact, by their 10th year in …


Things To Consider Before You Pick A Name For Your Online Business

“What’s in a name?” As a matter of fact, everything! Imagine a business without a name, and you have your answer.

Your business name is the first image that your business projects. It is what customers will remember (good or …


Online Advice Marketplace: A 360-Degree Analysis

Imagine you have just finished your graduation and you need some career advice. You turn to your parents, but they are not from the same field, and thus, they are unable to guide you properly. You want to get advice …


If You Are Doing Business In or With Europe, You Must Know GDPR

The European Commission, Council of the European Union and European Parliament will be replacing the old Data Protection Directive of 1995. What comes now will be an even more stringent set of rules that will strengthen the Data Protection policies …


Progressive Web Apps – The Best Alternative To Native Mobile Apps

The web has seen huge innovations in the recent past with desktop websites getting intuitive and responsive. You were able to get a similar experience irrespective of the device. However with the introduction of mobile apps, consumers started to leave …


A Thorough Digital Marketing Plan For Your Online Business

In the current digital age, the overall notion of how you reach out to customers has changed. Digital marketing has become the core phenomenon for an online business. You cannot just launch an online business and hope the consumers will …


How mobile commerce is helping revolutionise different sectors

M-Commerce, a term coined by Kevin Duffey in 1997, now MD at Cyber Rescue Alliance;  stands for mobile commerce and has been the rising star of e-commerce for the past decade. M-commerce allows retailers and consumers to interact and trade …


Good News For SMBs – WhatsApp Releases Dedicated App For Business

Small and medium online businesses have been using WhatsApp for a while now to market their brand and connect with customers. After using other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapchatSMBs have leveraged this instant messaging service too and are …


What Does The Future Hold For Travel Industry In 2019?

Evolving trends have brought many changes to the travel distribution landscape in the past few years. Not just inevitable, change is now a necessity to remain relevant.  We can expect a great many changes in the future too, which will benefit both …