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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ancient Greece

Why do the ancient Greeks continue to fascinate us in modern times? Are we morbidly intrigued by the brutalities of their culture or do we prefer to focus on their rich, religious lives?

Most of what we know about …


10 Common Myths About US Presidents

Separating fact from fiction can be challenging when examining the lives of historical leaders — especially American presidents, who have, well, history on their side. After all, school children are taught all about presidential exploits and achievements, instilling national pride …


10 Times Rich People Got Away with Murder

It’s no secret that the rich and powerful get away with crimes that would normally put most people in jail. But these next 10 stories of wealthy people getting away with murder are so cringe-worthy, it’s almost beyond belief…



10 Fabulous Freak Farms from Around the World

Farms. We rely on them to provide us with food, and they serve as a bastion of familiarity on our often puzzling planet. Yet certain farms represent some of the aberrant and exotic places on Earth. Whether by location, purpose, …


Internet TV vs. Cable TV: Which is the Better Bet for You?

Cable television is great, right? After all, the average viewer will have anywhere from 50 to 2,000 channels depending on their cable provider, subscription, and budget. That’s a boatload of content, so why are so many subscribers quickly and quietly …