. July 3, 2019 – Articels

Engage Your Customers: How to Live Stream for your Company

Live video has arrived! New technology and tools have opened up what used to be a niche activity reserved for tech specialists to everyone. No longer the domain of huge corporations, small business owners are also finding huge wins using …


Stream without a capture card: How to setup Mixer’s Lightstream integrat

Creating a great looking stream shouldn’t require a high end gaming PC or capture card. With Mixer’s Lightstream integration, you can do all the things that pro streamers do to increase audience engagement like add text, branded overlays, and …


Extra Life Game Day: Charity Stream Tools & Resource

Extra Life Game Day is just around the corner! For those not in the know, that means thousands of gamers all over the world will be streaming around the clock this Saturday, raising money to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. …


Snapshot | Twitchcon 2018

October was a busy month – we represented at the Brazil Game Show, Streamlabs Summit, NAB NY, Techstars Foundercon, and Twitchcon. We learned a ton and met a lot of great people. Our booth at Twitchcon was packed all weekend …


How to stream from your Xbox with overlays and alerts

Not long ago, if you wanted to stream from your console, you’d need serious technical skills or else you’d be out of luck. From finding and buying the right capture card to learning new streaming software on your PC, there …


Adding Alerts to Your Live Stream

3rd Party Integrations such as Tipeeestream, Stream Labs, and more are a great way to showcase recent subscribers, donations, stats from your game, and even what your chat is talking about, right on the stream. Dynamic alerts like these make …


Lightstream Introduces New CTO Jenny Farver


CHICAGO, January 30, 2019 – Today, the Lightstream team is proud to introduce its newest executive leader and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Jenny Farver. Bringing an incredible wealth of …


Scaling, Growth, & Career Trajectories: Jenny talks to the Sean and Thomas Show

The Sean and Thomas Show podcast focuses on conversations with Chicago Tech leaders. This week, our CTO Jenny Farver sat down to talk about her career path, what to consider when growing a team, what drew her to Lightstream, and …


Running a Charity Stream with Lightstream

Over the years, through Extra LifeGamers for Giving, and similar events, streamers have demonstrated the ability to raise millions of dollars for charities through marathons and viewer donations. We’re continually impressed by how generous gamers and streamers can …


The importance of intellectual honesty and awareness in engineering leadership

Last week we announced hiring Jenny Farver as our Chief Technology Officer. Announcements are wonderful to get the word out, but I thought I would take a few moments to share some more context around it all.

From the very …